Meet the Sullivans: B2 - 14 Weeks

June 18, 2015

B2 - 14 Weeks

I meant to post this before we left for our trip last week, but totally forgot about it! I'm actually just over 15 weeks right now, but this was from 14 weeks. I want to do a better job of sharing update this time around, since I always enjoy looking back on them.

I'm in the second trimester, finally! For so long I just felt so sick, and wasn't telling anyone yet, so it was pretty miserable. But now I'm feeling good, the baby is growing right along and I'm actually starting to look pregnant. I remember this being the sweet spot with O too, everything is coming right along and you're feeling more like yourself. So here's what's up!

 There's a little bump emerging there, see? Ignore the laundry on the bed behind me, ahem.

How far along? 14 weeks! My turnaround day is Tuesday, so I'm a little late with this one.

Baby's size: B2 is almost 3 1/2 inches long (about the size of a lemon) and weighs nearly an 1 1/2 ounces.
Maternity clothes? Some, but regular jeans and pants with a tighter waist are uncomfortable. I've given up on my regular jeans. I actually think I was wearing maternity pants by now with Owen -- possibly because I was eager to shop for them or possibly because the morning sickness was worse this pregnancy since I chose to skip taking Zofran. I'm looking forward to warmer weather so I can just live in dresses and maxi skirts.

Stretch marks? Too early for that!

Sleep: Not so great! I have an easy time falling asleep, as I'm pretty much ready for a nap all day long, but have a terrible time falling back to sleep if I get woken up. I'm usually up at 3am to use the bathroom and sometimes Owen wakes up around that time too. I wake up feeling tired everyday, which is an improvement from the feeling of being hungover in months 2 and 3. 

Best moment this week: Seeing the baby move during our first trimester ultrasound! All three (four, really!) of us were there and got to see the baby together. Owen and Keith were pretty awestruck, since it was the first time they were able to see the baby.

Miss anything? Not really! The nausea has almost gone away completely and my energy is coming back.
Movement: I just started to feel some little flutters last Friday, which is a whole month earlier than when I felt Owen move.

Food cravings: Food all the time. I'm pretty much always hungry. Fruit and all fruit popsicles are at the top of my list. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Driving in the car. I usually experience motion sickness and it's become worse. We're going to Disneyland in about a week and I'm hoping it's a smooth ride.

Gender: We decided that this time we're going to find out the baby's gender. Really, it's just more practical this time since we'll be able to keep or donate all the baby boy clothes and clear up some extra space.

Symptoms: Some nausea, usually when I'm really hungry and a little tired, otherwise I feel great.

Mood: Good!
Looking forward to:  Feeling more movement and continuing to watch this baby grow! Oh and, finding out the sex next month!

Are we ready?: No, but we still have lots of time. When we get back from vacation we have plans to figure out whether or not we'll have our children share a room or have their own. There are definitely pros and cons of either side, and I'm having a hard time settling on one. On one hand sharing a room would give us extra space in the house and more closet space, but then again I'm not sure if bedtime would be a disaster or if their room would be too cramped. Decisions, decisions.

Now on the fun side of things I'm searching for a new diaper bag. The one I used with Owen is pretty beat up now and I'd like something in a neutral color and with a cross body strap, because that was super duper convenient with my first one. I'm considering this one and this one right now! What do you think? I'd love some input!
Hoping to play catch up today and share a more recent update next week!


Whitney Smith said...

Yay for being through the roughest part of the nausea! Can't wait to see if you are having a boy or girl! :)

Ashley said...

So exciting, you look great!!! So glad you are feeling better!

Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side said...

I think I missed the pregnancy announcement! Congrats! I always love these posts, but never did them with my own kids, oops! Have fun at Disneyland, hopefully it's not too hot for you! It's been fairly hot here lately (I live about 20 minutes from D-land). have fun! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Laura Keenan said...

Love that Marc Jacobs bag! And how wonderful that you are feeling great & that tiny bump is popping out!

Kristy said...

First of all, you're bump is adorable! :) That's a tough call with the diaper bag. I love the Marc Jacobs, but my friend convinced me to get I can't even remember the name of it...and I regret it. That Skip Hop is also a good choice, because apparently they have great customer service if something should ever go wrong with it. And you can wash it. Can you wash the Marc Jacobs?

Hope y'all have a fun weekend!

Marcie Canty said...

So I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️My skip hop! The room inside of it is amazing and I can throw a change of clothes in it for #1 as well as all the stuff for #2. (And it's totally machine washable )I do like the Marc Jacobs bag though😉
Also (I hate making suggestions or giving opinion) I would recommend separate rooms unless O is a heavy sleeper or B2 will be sleeping with you for awhile. My #1 just loves checking in on his baby bro (in the other room) and like to throw stuff in the crib , at least I can hear the door to one room open and intercept the toy transfer. Also- I am having a hard time getting them on similar schedules and bedtime is a bit of a challenge, don't have found individual rooms to be very helpful. That being said, I fully plan on them sharing a room, especially since the are both boys, when they are a bit older.
So excited for you and your family and can't wait to see your growing bump and meet the new little Sullivan😉