Meet the Sullivans: Berries, Father's Day and the 4th!

June 26, 2015

Berries, Father's Day and the 4th!

We've made it through another week of potty training and I'm happy to report O is making progress! We were lucky enough to have one of our nieces hanging with us for a few days this week, which helped the week go by fast! Time flies when you're having fun!

Here's five:

| one | Last weekend we went berry picking with my mom and sister on Saturday. Keith was able to breakaway from some work he was doing from home to join us and we had a great time! We're still potty training, and an outdoor adventure was the least risky activity, if you catch my drift. We visited Webb Ranch in Portola Valley hoping to pick some strawberries, but ended up only being able to get olallieberries because of the awful drought we're having here in California. 

Mr. Owen was, of course, really into picking berries. He took such pride in finding the ones he deemed good for picking -- the reddest, sourest berries. He had us all laughing at the end of the day! He walked down one full row picking super sour berry after berry, taking a bite and throwing the rest into his basket. He was in his own little world out there.

After berry picking we were all hungry, so we stopped at The Dutch Goose for lunch before heading home. It was a great day!

Can you guess which basket is Owen's?

| two | We had a nice little Father's Day celebrating our favorite guy! We took it easy in the morning reading the paper, drinking coffee and having Mickey Mouse pumpkin waffles, followed by a family hike. We don't have any parks within walking distance of our house, but there is a huge hill behind our block, so we hiked up that. Keith's sister has us all over for BBQ lunch too! We stuffed ourselves and played Smart Ass before heading home. Keith's mom watched O that night while we went out for sushi and to see Jurassic World. We loved the movie! Not a bad way to celebrate!

| three | What are your plans for the 4th of July? We'll be hanging around town with friends and family, which is just the way we like it. Our rec center does a parade, BBQ and little festival every year and we've made it a tradition to attend. I saw this Stars and Stripes Lumbar pillow from World Market on sale for $11.99 and couldn't pass it up!

| four | We took Owen to see his first movie in a theater earlier this week! We had been waiting to bring him to a Pixar movie for a while and were waiting for Inside Out to open in theaters. The movie was really cute and enjoyable to kids and adults. We got him a kid's snack pack with gummies, popcorn and a treat and he was in hog heaven. This boy loves popcorn! He was a little wiggly during the previews, but sat nicely and watched the whole movie. I see a lot more movies in our future!

| five | I'm hoping to have some time in the next week to make these cute mason jar vases for the 4th! Aren't they cute? I have so many mason jars! You can see the video tutorial here!

Now we're off to the gym and to swimming class! Have a great weekend!

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Sara McCarty said...

He sat through a whole movie?!!! That's fantastic! This gives me hope that maybe Mac will be ready for a movie this fall. Fingers crossed!

Laura Keenan said...

I looks so excited for his 1st movie!!! I still haven't taken Liam yet, but I think the new Pixar movie may be the perfect 2st one!

Courtney Spena said...

We haven't taken Abigail to the movies since Frozen! I had hoped to take her to Cinderella but then everyone said it was too grown up for the littles....maybe this one will have to do! I'm so glad O did so well!

Berry picking looks like so much fun. I just discovered a place here that lets you come pick so I definitely want to go sometime soon!

Jen @ And Hattie Makes Three said...

Oh how cute are those mason jars? Perfect nap time craft! Love it! And the berries are so fun! We went strawberry picking this year and my daughter fell in a mud hole. Definitely not what we were planning on! Happy Friday!

Colleen said...

Oh no! I'm sure that put a damper on the fun. You'll have to try again sometime!

Colleen said...

It was really pretty cute!

Colleen said...

It's a pretty cute movie and the Pixar short film before is darling. There's another Pixar movie coming out next year about dinosaurs and I can't wait to take O to that one too!

Colleen said...

I know, I was so surprised! We thought we'd have to leave halfway through.