Meet the Sullivans: Five on Friday

June 5, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! I'm constantly thinking of things I want to write about or share, but I'm struggling to find the time to blog lately. I can pretty much blame it on the fact that I'm pregnant and exhausted every evening, that my board positions for the Mothers Club and Preschool are keeping me busy and that Owen isn't really napping much, and if he is then I'm sleeping too. All that said, I'm so happy to be here today sharing a little bit of what's been going on here!

1 | Coffee Coffee Coffee Last Saturday we met our friends down in Palo Alto for a little park & coffee play date. I've been seriously turned off by coffee for the last two months, which is weird because I usually look forward to having it every morning. The only kind of coffee I like right now is a latte, but we were at Philz Coffee so I decided to go ahead and try something different. I went with a Decaf Iced Mint Mojito (don't worry it's not alcoholic, despite its name) and it was AMAZING! I'll definitely be ordering another one next time I'm at Philz.

2 | First Tri Ultrasound The three of us went for my first trimester ultrasound last Tuesday! Owen was super into the water dispenser in the waiting room! I think he has been so eager to see "our baby" as he calls him/her, so we definitely wanted him there. This was the first time Keith has been able to see the baby, while I've gotten to on two other occasions at my doctor appointments. The baby is growing right on track and even measured 2 days ahead of schedule. They checked for arms and legs, saw the perfectly developing brain as well as the spine. It was great to see and know that everything is progressing well. This baby is a mover too! There was lots of kicking, waving and flopping going on during the ultrasound too. I'm feeling a little movement here and there, but mostly just flutters.

3 | Slip into Summer! Yesterday was Owen's class picnic. Everyone brought something to share and the kids just played to their hearts content on the playground while the moms chatted. We've had such a great year with all the families and our wonderful teacher that it was a bittersweet ending, but we're looking forward to seeing most of our friends in the Fall when school starts again.

After the picnic we headed to Target for some necessities and ended up picking up a Slip n Slide too! Owen has been talking about them for over two weeks, and I kept telling him we'd have to wait a bit to buy one while I thought about whether or not it would be a good idea. I ended up deciding that it would be a brilliant way to kill time outside this summer on days when we're (because I'm back to sleeping when my child sleeps. #pregnant) not napping. We spent an hour and half playing around with it. Owen was really cautious and didn't get much momentum, which I was happy about. He really likes the pool at the end of it!

4 | First & Last The other day, on the last day of O's class, I posted a side-by-side of Owen on the first and last day of school on Instagram. I realized later that the "first day" photo was actually from January! LOL! Major mom fail on my part. So I had to right my wrong and do the real side-by-side here! He really does look older, doesn't he?

5 | Disney Bound! We're off to Disneyland next week! We had this week planned for our vacation for so long, but it took us forever to decide where to go. We bounced between San Diego, Tahoe, Hawaii and Disneyland for the longest time, but couldn't make a decision. We finally booked our trip a couple weeks ago when we realized Owen is now 40 inches, which opens up a whole new group of rides for him to try (Splash Mountain, Star Tours, and Radiator Springs to name a few) and that this would be our last chance to do those as a family until B2 (the baby) is old enough to ride. And I got clearance from my doctor to go on whatever I want! We're super excited about this trip! You can see our other Disneyland trips here and here.

And now we're off to the gym for swimming for O and a workout for me! I'm finally feeling better (no more nausea and a little less exhaustion) after a 2 month break from my workouts and I'm looking forward to getting back into a (modified) routine! Happy Friday!

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Laura Keenan said...

And now I NEEd that iced mint mojito!!! Enjoy your workout! And yay for Disneyland next weekend!

Courtney Spena said...

Yay! That's so sweet, Owen is so excited about the baby. I love it.

And hooray for Disneyland! Y'all will have a wonderful one "last" trip before Baby Sully :)

Tawnya Faust said...

Aww yay for ultrasounds! Did Owen love seeing the baby? I had to give up coffee for health reasons and so I've been off of caffeine for over 3 months now and when I have coffee I feel super anxious, so I've decided to continue avoiding it but oh my gosh that drink you got sounds good. any kind of 'mock'tail, sign me up. I miss the real deal.

Disneyland! I'm so jealous :) You guys will have SO much fun! !

rachel said...

So glad to hear the ultrasound went well and you are feeling better! And do not feel bad for napping. The first trimester with this pregnancy killed me and I literally napped everyday when the boys did. Oh and Philz, amazing!!! Had it when I was in San Fran for Re:Make and it was hands down the best coffee I've ever had!

Ailee | Snapshots&MyThoughts said...

This is just the cutest announcement ever. I LOVE the photos and I'm SO excited for y'all!!!!!!