Meet the Sullivans: Life Updates According to Instagram

June 19, 2015

Life Updates According to Instagram

You know what I love about Instagram? Even when life gets really really busy I can still depend on the app to keep up with all my friends, family and favorite blogs, and all it takes is a few taps of my finger! I follow SO many accounts on Instagram that every once in a while I go back and search my favorites individually to make sure I don't miss anything. Anyone else do this?

Anyway, here is a little life update from us, according to some of my recent Instagram posts!

| one | Three out of the five photos I have to share today have something to do with potty training, which is really appropriate since potty training has taken over our lives this week! We started on Monday, and Owen has made an improvement each day. It hasn't been easy, but it has been rewarding since he's so proud of himself now that he's able to run to the potty all on his own. We've even been able to venture out of the house a few times without accidents! You can get our favorite potty book here: Even Firefighters Go To the Potty
| two | Last night I made Chicken & Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry served over brown rice quinoa for dinner and it was fantastic! It was simple to make and didn't involved too many ingredients, which are two of the most important criteria when I pick a recipe. If you haven't made this yet, I recommend you get to it!

| three | No shame in my potty training game! We've been using stickers and candy as encouragement for O to sit on the potty. In the beginning the candy was a huge motivator, but as he's become more aware of when he needs to go he just goes and has forgotten about the candy altogether.

| four | Using the potty all day everyday has allowed Owen to rack up stickers on his potty training sticker chart this week! He decided a while ago that when he filled up his chart he was going to get the big Bionicle Skull Spider! So yesterday after he filled he chart we went to Target to buy it. We put it together as soon as we got home and it only took me 45 minutes! Yeah, only. The spider has 145 teeny tiny pieces and 39 steps! I have a feeling this is only the beginning of my part time job as a Lego assembler.

| five | Reintegration after being on vacation is rough, especially when said vacation takes place in the Happiest Place on Earth! Keith and I are easing the pain with big cups of coffee in our Disneyland and California Adventure Starbucks You Are Here mugs, obviously our new favorite mugs. Funny little story about them: You can only get the Disneyland and CA Adventure ones in the Starbucks locations inside the park, which didn't occur to us until we had already used up all our days in the park. We thought we'd be able to get them on our way out at the big Starbucks in Downtown Disney. We were so disappointed to learn we couldn't get them. We were trying to figure out how to get them over breakfast at La Brea, right there next to the park, when I remembered we could extend our ticket and upgrade to a 5-day park hopper for under $20!! So, Keith went and upgraded just his ticket for one more day and used it to quickly run into each park to buy the mugs. Kind of silly, but we love the mugs and it saved us the extra cost it would have been to buy them from someone on eBay + shipping. We completely embraced our inner #DisneyNerd that day!

Anyway, that's a bit of what's up with us lately! You can also follow along with me on Instagram HERE! I hope you have a great weekend and that you get to spend Sunday honoring the amazing dads in your life!


Laura Keenan said...

I am impressed with your Lego skills! That is strictly Daddy territory in our house. I do not assemble or put back together. My Lego & playdoh game is very weak!

Marcie Canty said...

It was great running into you (by the way you look great!). I just finished my second week of potty training and I wish I would have know about the firefighter potty book before hand😂 oh well, next time... It's nice to know that I am not the only one it hasn't been easy for. It sure makes your day LONG living in 30-45 min increments and planning your day (if your brave enough to venture out) on where the closest potty is. I just love reading your blog and your honesty. Thanks for keeping it real and good luck with the potty training.

Meg O. said...

Oh dear that is one intense Lego build!! Haha! And so awesome potty training has gone well for you! I wiiiiiiish I could have said the same for us, but we did it in 7 months, so at least it's over with??? LOL. And hey, no shame in getting those mugs! Who WOULDN'T want to spend another day in Disneyland?