Meet the Sullivans: Baby Sullivan #2 - 18 Weeks

July 8, 2015

Baby Sullivan #2 - 18 Weeks

18 weeks! We are almost to the halfway point, which is almost unbelievable, and we get to find out the gender on Monday! The weeks go by so quickly it's kind of hard for me to keep track of what week we're on. Thank goodness for the calendar app on my iPhone or I would be totally lost.

How far along? 18 weeks!

Baby's size: About 5 1/2 inches long (head to rump) and about 7 ounces, the size of a bell pepper.
Maternity clothes? I'm still mostly wearing regular clothes, although they are mostly pieces with extra room in the stomach area or have lots of stretch. I've started doing a little maternity shopping for things that I can wear through the end of summer and fall, and I'm set to receive my first Maternity Stitch Fix next week! I'm hoping to share that with you.

Stretch marks? Not yet, although I did get a few with Owen.

Sleep: Starting to feel a little restless, since it's hard for me to find a comfortable position already and I always feel warm. I'm sleeping with an extra pillow now so I can sleep on my side more comfortably.

Best moment this week: Feeling our baby move! As the days go by I feel him / her more and more often, and not only when I'm sitting or have eaten something with sugar, like before. I can't wait until Keith and Owen can feel the movement too. 

Miss anything? Honestly? I'm a little envious of people who get to enjoy a cocktail at a party or out at a restaurant, but I've been making my own mocktails at home for fun, which is almost the same!

Movement: Lots! I feel this baby move all the time these days, but I feel the most movement in the morning while I have a cup of coffee and in the evening when we settle in to watch a show or movie. It's the best feeling!

Food cravings: Salmon salads, which is strange because I don't normally crave it, but it's healthy, so that's great!

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I'm feeling pretty good! The 2nd trimester is the sweet spot! 

Gender: We find out on Monday! Eee! I'm so excited that I think it's affecting my sleep. I had a dream last week that the baby was a boy, but something is telling me it's a girl. We'll know soon enough and I'll share it here! 

Symptoms: Movement, some hip pain when I sleep on my side, etc. Also, my skin isn't breaking out but it's definitely looking more spotty. All of the little spots I had before that weren't noticeable are really standing gout now, and I remember having the same issue with Owen.

Mood: Good! I'm grateful for this baby and feel so blessed to be raising a family with Keith.

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex next week, which will open the doors for more baby prep!

Are we ready?: No! We have about 5 months left to prepare so I think we have plenty of time!

How is Owen adjusting?: He's looking forward to when the baby comes. He asks about the baby or talks to him / her often. I'm curious to see how he reacts at our ultrasound next week when we find of the gender. Monday night when I was putting him to bed he told me we need to get a "holder for the baby" and he described a baby carrier like an Ergo. I thought it was so sweet that he thought that up all on his own. I'm sure he's seen other moms walking around when we're out with their babies strapped to them and thought this would be a good way for us to get around together. He just makes my heart melt!

Check by tomorrow because we'll be talking gender! 


Meg O. said...

You are looking gorgeous!! Can't wait to find out gender!

Laura Keenan said...

Wow, you are carrying so high! Love that bump! And I cannot to wait hear about the gender!

Sarah @ Foxy's Domestic Side said...

OH can't wait to see the maternity stitch fix! And then gender of course, but that goes without saying :)

Sara McCarty said...

Girl. Totally. I'm calling it right now. :) You look fantastic!!