Meet the Sullivans: Friday This and That

July 10, 2015

Friday This and That

Hello there, Happy Friday to you all! I've got a whole lot of random this and that's from around here in the last week. Nothing ground breaking, just some updates I want to share and remember!

| O N E | We took O to the beach on Monday and it was a beautiful day! We live so close to so many wonderful beaches, and we both (Keith & I) don't know why we don't visit them more often. We went to Redondo Beach in Half Moon Bay for the little tide pool that forms there. We knew O would love searching for crabs and we hoped to see some starfish too, but there weren't any on that day. We found loads of crabs and sea urchins though! It was quite the hike down, and not exactly safe, but it was worth it!

Owen is big into collecting feathers, rocks and sea shells. On this day we found an empty crab shell. It was like striking gold to our 3 1/2 year-old.

Goin' after those "crabbies", as he loving called them. Honestly, I was a little squirmy around them. I thought for sure one was going to crawl up on my toes. 

The bump was there too, of course. 

Owen is so lucky to have a daddy who is ready & willing to catch him critters and thing, because his mommy is not a fan. They were in their element together. I see many adventures in their future. I hope O grows to learn what a great buddy he has in his father -- he's one cool guy!

It was such a great day and I really wish we could spend everyday together having fun!

| T W O | I'm all about the mocktails lately. Have I talked about this already? I've been trying to stick to water during the day (after my morning coffee, that is), but on the weekend I usually throw together some kind of mocktail for myself when we're prepping dinner. Keith gets the real deal, and I just omit the alcohol. So far my favorite is the virgin Moscow Mule (<---that's my recipe linked there)!

| T H R E E | We've been busy busy this week having fun and trying new things. On Wednesday we joined out friends Shannon and A at Gilroy Gardens for some family theme park fun! We spent over 4 hours riding rides and playing around. I think Owen's favorite part was the popcorn and the rock maze, oh and the waterfalls.

| F O U R | Owen started Taekwondo this week and he's loving it already! 

We've added a new step to our bedtime routine that's made things even smoother and might even lead to a little more independence for O in the future. Before leaving him I give him a book to read and a little extra light and he "reads" before falling asleep. This is a good move in the right direction since it = no more whining or crying or shouting out at bedtime. Since he and the baby will be sharing a room in less than a year I would love for him to be able to continue this quiet and independent little step toward sleep.

We bought O some blocks this week and he's having lots of fun with them! I love watching him use his imagination to create castles and boats for his other toys, and he is always so proud of what he's building!
| F I V E | I'm kind of cheap. I used to buy every cooking magazine in sight, but sometime in the last two years I got tired of buying them and never having enough time to try everything I wanted. It began feeling like a big waste of money and paper. So, instead I just flip through them when I see them in the long lines at checkout or in a waiting room and if something catches my eye I just snap a picture. Is that weird? I hope not because it is saving me a lot of clutter too! 

Have a great weekend!
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Laura Keenan said...

I'm jealous of all the beaches you are close to! What a fun day!!!

Samantha said...

I love that I'm not the only one who snaps pictures of recipes in magazines. I do this a lot and always try and hide the fact that I'm taking a picture-because I wasn't sure if anybody else did this.

EHayes said...

Love the book at bed, sometimes A gets out and grabs one and I'll give one to K when she's fighting a nap. We are in a big block stage now too, it's one of the things I loved when I was their age so it's so nice to see A having fun building castles and towers. I just threw out like 3 years worth of food & wine magazines. We had gotten signed up for a subscription with our amex and just never bothered canceling it. I don't think we ever made one recipe! I feel bad throwing them away, but love getting rid of clutter.

Colleen said...

I loved blocks too as a kid and I'm pretty sure that's why I wanted to them for O, and they're kind of a kid's toy staple. Hope you all have a nice weekend!

Colleen said...

Hahha, we're not alone!

Colleen said...

They're beautiful! :) I'm envious of all your mountains!!