Meet the Sullivans: Menu Monday Link Up!

July 20, 2015

Menu Monday Link Up!

Welcome to the first week of the Menu Monday link up! I'm so excited to start this link up and see what everyone has to share. Remember, you don't have to share a whole menu to join in the fun! If you have a favorite dinner recipe link it up below, because I know we're all looking for new recipes to try!

Please make sure you share a link back to this post or the graphic from below so that your readers can join in the fun and find some new recipes for themselves!

Now, as for us, we have our usual activities planned for the week and no nights out for Keith or I so things are as normal as can be around here this week! Most weeks I plan for just four nights of dinners, knowing that by Friday I'm going to want a break from cooking or that we'll have other plans.

All the dinners this week are hearty, yet easy to make. I make it all even easier on myself by chopping up a big batch of lettuce and serving green salads along side each dinner.

I'm off to have a massage today, and I don't want to worry about dinner when I get home, so I'm prepping this in the slow cooker before I leave. Owen is a huge fan of pot roast, so I know he'll enjoy it, which makes it worth all the effort in the world!

We love Mexican food in our family, so any kind of enchilada is always a welcome meal. I'll be using rotisserie chicken to make this an extra quick and easy meal to put together!

Wednesday -  Roast Chicken & Veggies 
This dinner requires a little extra time, but once it's in the oven you're all set for at least one night's worth of food. You could use the extra chicken for salads or even to make the enchiladas I mentioned above!

Thursday - Burrito Bowls
No picture here because I'm not even going to follow a recipe! That's the best part! I've been trying to recreate the Chipotle chicken burrito bowl for a while now, but haven't gotten it quite right just yet, but if I ever do I'll be sure to share! 

Now it's your turn! What's on your menu this week or what's your go-to dinner to serve? Link it up below and share!

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