Meet the Sullivans: 5 Favorites from Around the Web This Week

August 21, 2015

5 Favorites from Around the Web This Week

Hey there, and happy Friday! There have been so many great things circulating around the internet this week, so I decided to share some of my favorites from the week!

| O N E | Keith and I simultaneously discovered The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep book earlier this week while we were texting, him downstairs waiting for me to be done upstairs with putting Owen to bed. It's been taking longer than usually lately. Sometimes it's because he napped and other nights it just seems like he can't relax.  News articles have been flying around Facebook and Twitter claiming it is a miracle / magical book for getting children to fall asleep. We tried it last night, and we're going to give it another go tonight. I'll blog about it next week and let you know how it's working for us.

| T W O | A friend from our playgroup shared this article, How Young Kids Can Help in the Kitchen in our Facebook group earlier this week, and it is full of great suggestions broken down by age. Owen loves to help me in the kitchen, and since it seems like I'm always in there, it seems only natural that he's in there working with me. I've printed it out to keep on the refrigerator as a reminder or various tasks he can lend a hand in.

| T H R E E | I planned on sharing how I've been re-organizing our toys, but when I saw these Toy Organization Ideas on Two Twenty-One I decided to skip my own post and share her's instead! Her pictures are much prettier than mine and they're basically the same ideas, except I used gallon bags for most of our small million-piece toys. Note to self: purchase cute and durable bags.

| F O U R | The Pinterest Mom gets a lot of flack for making the rest of us feel less than, especially as back-to-school is upon us and with the holidays are right around the corner... but I love the Pinterest mom. Kristy of Seven Graces wrote this article on 5 Reasons Why I Love the Pinterest Moms this week and she hit the nail right on the head for me. Pinterest Moms give me all sorts of ideas, inspiration and party ideas and I love them for it!

| F I V E | I loved reading this article on The Origins of Hella this week. I didn't realize "hella" was a Northern California word until friends of mine moved out of the area for college and reported back that their new college friends had pointed it out. What exactly does "hella" mean and where did it come from? Read on! I promise it's a hella good read.

Have you read anything exciting or interesting this week? Share below!

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