Meet the Sullivans: Baby Sullivan #2 - 23 Weeks!

August 11, 2015

Baby Sullivan #2 - 23 Weeks!

How far along? 23 weeks!

Baby's size: More than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound, about the size of a mango. I've never seen a mango that big, so I'm a tad confused. Last week was a spaghetti squash, which is definitely bigger than a mango.
Maternity clothes? Yes! My sweet neighbor lent me a ton of her maternity clothes, which is really nice because it's like shopping without having to spend. I'm bought some plain tanks, tees and casual pants too. Nothing super cute, just things I need. I'm trying my best to not buy much since I have less than 4 months left and this will be my last pregnancy, so why buy a bunch, right?

Stretch marks? Not yet, although I did get a few with Owen, so it's probably just a matter of time. 

Sleep: Okay! I rarely wake up feeling rested, even if I get a full night's sleep. O has been waking up between 5-6am for a little while and it's affecting my sleep too. I'm taking advantage of napping when O does and getting at least one nap in when Keith is home on the weekend.

Best moment this week: Owen getting excited when he feels the baby kick and saying "That's super cool!"

Miss anything? Being able to get up off the floor easily! It's getting hard to do it gracefully. I kind of missed having a cocktail when we went to dinner to celebrate our anniversary over the weekend, but other than that it's all good.

Movement: Yes, all the time! Just last week when we were driving to Cloverdale I was telling Keith that the baby kicks a lot, and the baby gave me a pretty swift downward kick that made me jump! I feel a lot of movement at night when I'm sitting in Owen's room with him as he falls asleep.

Food cravings: Still drinking a lot of water through the day, and craving some salty foods. I bought individual packets of olives at Starbucks last week and they were the perfect amount to of salty to satisfy my craving. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: No, I'm feeling pretty good! The 2nd trimester is the sweet spot.

Gender: A sweet little baby boy!!

Symptoms: Starting to experience more heartburn and acid reflux after eating. I had this with Owen too, but it was much later in my pregnancy. This just tells me the baby is growing and taking up more space. I've also had some back pain when I've been walking and lifting and bending a lot during the day.

Mood: Great! I can't wait to meet our baby!

Looking forward to: Seeing our baby for the first time. I'm curious about what he'll look like compared to Owen, who looks more like me than Keith, and what his personality will be like.

Are we ready?: We're getting there! I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for handling two children. Keith and I talk a lot about how late-November and December might go down with the holidays and having a new baby. We're ready to just go with the flow.

We're pretty close to picking a name. We have 4 names we like, and two of those we really really like, but we're just letting it marinate for a while. Owen is very insistent on one of the names, and we're 90% sure it will be the one. He brings it up out of the blue a few times a day saying, "Mommy, I think we should name the baby _____. Do you think _____ is a good name? You like ______, mommy?"

Progress in their room is going well! I shared my Shared Big and Little Boys' Room ideas last week and it's slowly coming together. The bunk bed arrived last week and is all assembled. Owen loves sleeping in his new bed, and the bedding looks really nice. We framed the art this weekend after I found frames on sale (Target!) and now I just have to hang them.

How is Owen adjusting?: Pretty good! He's been excited and like to feel the baby kick in my stomach, but he has show us he's a little worried too. He likes to sit in the middle of the couch, the car or the bed and took to calling the spot his "king spot" a while ago. He's said he is concerned that when the baby comes he'll take the "king spot" and that he won't be the king anymore. It makes me sad that he's worried about being replaced or something, so we're trying to make a big deal about him being our big boy. He was also a little reluctant about sharing his new room with the baby. Change is just hard for him.

Health: Everything is going well, although I have my first monthly ultrasound this week to monitor the baby's growth. I had a low PAPP-A test (low protein in the placenta) back in the first trimester, but all other tests come back normal, so the main concern is growth. I'm trying not to focus or worry about it too much, since my doctor says it is nothing to worry about, that she has never seen a low PAPP-A result in anything in her patients, and that we'll just monitor the baby's growth. The low PAPP-A can mean a bunch of things or nothing at all, but keep us in your prayers none the less.

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