Meet the Sullivans: Camp Sully Year II

August 12, 2015

Camp Sully Year II

Last week we woke up bright and early on Monday morning and headed up to Cloverdale to do a little camping with family! I'm sure all real campers would laugh because where we stayed there is a cabin, with a bed and a fan and electricity. There was also a bathroom and running water and a little convenience store where you could buy ice and cold drinks etc., but to me that's still roughing it, because I have to walk more than a few steps to use the bathroom or wash my hands.

Anyway, my little family loves this trip. We tag along with Keith's brother and his family and we all have a great time together. Owen is in his element playing with his cousins, fishing, bug searching with his Uncle and hanging in his little camp chair around the fire.

Luckily it wasn't too hot this year, because last year it was pretty toasty in our cabin. 

We spent just one night camping this year, but managed to pack a lot of fun into 24 hours! On the way up we stopped at the Black Bear Diner and had a huge breakfast!

The drive was easy and we got settled in to fish right away!

Owen's favorite part of camping this year may have been the worms! He was interested in fishing, especially when his cousins caught a big bass, but he spent a lot of time managing the worms. We had a hard time getting him to turn one over when we needed one for the poles. He'd tell us they weren't ready yet.

Checking out the tiny little fish his cousin B caught! Owen is lucky to have such energetic and patient cousins who love to play with him!

We fished, went for a swim in the pool, enjoyed popsicles from the shop, roasted marshmallows and even watched Star Wars outside on a big screen at night with other campers. It was a really great trip!

Staying for only one night was probably for the best  though, since we forgot to pack pillows. Pillows are a luxury we take for granted, because it was really hard to sleep without one, especially when I'm used to sleeping with at least three right now!

The next day we hung around until after breakfast and then headed out. Owen didn't want to leave AT ALL, but once we got him in the car he passed out. Too much fun and excitement!

Keith was eager to get going in the morning because we had plans to visit the Russian River Brewing Co for lunch. They are the creators of one of the best beers in the country, Pliny the Elder, which Keith is a huge fan of. It's pretty hard to get your hands on a bottle of Pliny in our area. Keith has been known to make a late night trip to a Whole Foods about 30 minutes away just to buy a few bottles from the butcher who keeps them hidden. It's a weird secret society. I thought we would be the only people there when they opened on a Tuesday morning at 11am, but when we pulled up at 10:30 there was already a line of people outside. Anyway, the beer was good, so I hear and Keith was happy. The pizza was pretty great too! 

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