Meet the Sullivans: Shared Big & Little Boys' Room

August 5, 2015

Shared Big & Little Boys' Room

Little by little we're making progress on creating a space for our boys to share. We have about 18 weeks, or less but who really knows, to get everything done. The baby will be in our room for the first 3 months at least, but Owen will be in that room starting tonight, so I want to make sure we get it together and make it feel nice for him ASAP!

The room they'll be sharing is pretty small for two children and two beds / a crib, but we're trying our best to keep it simple and make the most of the space.

| O N E | Book Rails - Space is limited in the boys' room, so I have to find creative ways to fit everything we need inside, and books are high on my list of priorities. There will be no room for a book case like we have in Owen's room, so we're going to add book rails to hold some of their books. My hope is to switch them out a twice a month since we have so many.

| T W O | - Dresser  / Changing Table - I'm having trouble deciding on which dresser to chose. I really like the Ikea Hemnes dresser (we have the tall one in our room), but I'm leaning toward ordering the one that matches the bunk bed, since in a few years they'll either be in the bunk bed together or we'll be using the bunk as two twins. The dresser will also serve as the changing table.

| T H R E E | - Baskets for Storage - I have a few little baskets to use to hold stuffed animals and extra blankets, etc. I love baskets like this that are light and easy to move around, and out of the way when we need to. I love the Woven Jute Baskets!

| F O U R | Baby Bedding -  Baby boy #2 will be using the Peter Rabbit Nursery Bedding we had for Owen, and his Graco Lauren Crib. I'm so glad I went gender neutral for Owen so we could use it again with our second baby whether we were having a boy or a girl.

| F I V E | Wall Art - Keith found a set of 12 Disney Attraction Posters online, so we ordered them for the room. I like that they're Disney without being too campy or cartoonish. They're pretty large so we let Owen pick his favorites to display, and now I just have to find the right frames for them. 

| S I X | Growth Chart - This is a project we have at the top of our to do list.I've been wanting to make one for Owen forever, so I'm hoping we'll finally get around to making one in the next few weeks. I'll let you now how it goes!

| S E V E N & N I N E | Bedding - Since the room itself is pretty dark, and the shutters, carpet and bunk bed are all dark too I wanted to make sure we lighten things up a bit with Owen's bedding. I also wanted to make sure it didn't clash with the rest of the room and that we could easily switch things up when we want to make a change. I chose the Rugby Stripe Duvet Cover in light gray and the Organic Star Sheet Set in gray for him.

| E I G H T | Bunk Bed - We went back and forth for a while about what would be the best "big boy bed" option for Owen. A simple twin would have made the room feel a bit larger, but we knew we would probably want bunk beds for the boys once B2 is older to save on space. We looked at Ikea (not sturdy enough) and Pottery Barn (didn't come in the right color and has exposed nails), but went with the Mushroom Sherwood Twin/Twin Bunk Bed at a local store, Kids & Teens World. The really great thing about this bunk bed is that it can be taken apart into two identical twin beds too, so we still have options. It is almost identical to the Camp Bunk Bed at Pottery Barn.

O's bedding arrives and bed are to be delivered today, so the plan is to move Owen into the room as soon as it is all set up! Wish me luck!

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