Meet the Sullivans: The 20 Question Game

August 20, 2015

The 20 Question Game

I saw this a little while ago on Home of Malones, and thought it would be fun to play along, especially since there are some of you who are new here and might not know much about me!

1. Favorite food:
Mexican! Burritos, nachos, tostada salad, tacos, fajitas. You name it, I probably like it. Don't forget the chips & salsa, and a margarita!

2. Flip flops or high heels:
Flip flops all the way. The weather here in the bay area is nice and mild year round, so I have lots of opportunities to wear flip flops. Rainbow flip flops have been my go to for years and years. I used to wear heels more at work or on the weekend, but since becoming a mom I'm all about being comfortable whenever I can.

3. Favorite places to shop for yourself:
Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Gap, but I buy a lot clothes at Target too, because I'm there at least once a week.

4. Standard Coffee order:
Grande, low-fat, with whip Vanilla Latte. During the fall I'll usually make it a one-pump Pumpkin Spice Latte, or a one-pump Egg Nog Latte at Christmas.

5. Road trip must have snack:
Pretzels, apples, gum and a big cold water.

6. DIY or hire it out?
We DIY what we know we can handle, but we usually just buy what we need to save time. Sometimes doing it ourselves ends up taking up more time or money than it would to hire out or buy!

7. Top 5 TV shows:
Currently, The Walking Dead, Odd Mom Out, Downton Abbey, Major Crimes, GIRLS

8. Favorite Book: The Help

9. Favorite Form of Exercising:
Weights. I love how strong I feel when I've been lifting regularly and the all over muscle tone I get. I've been able to keep up with some of what I was doing before I found out I'm pregnant or just modify what I was doing before.

10. How tall are you?

11. Do you try something new at restaurants or stick to your favorites?
Depends on the restaurant! I usually try something different if it's a really good place, because it's probable that whatever I chose will be good, but if I'm not so sure about the place I'll stick to my favorites.

12. One make up item you can't live without:
BB Cream! I wear it almost everyday.

13. What's on your nightstand?
A lamp, a vase with fake flowers that O gave me on Mother's Day this year, my phone charger, a glass of water, baby monitor, my Kindle, chapstick, tv remotes and 3 pregnancy books I haven't even opened during this pregnancy.

14. What's one thing motherhood has taught you?
The power of positive thinking! Some days can be easy, and some will be really difficult, but I'm the one who decides how much it will affect our day. I usually try to stay positive and upbeat for the sake of us all, even when I feel like surrendering.

15. Music that reminds you of high school:
Late 90's R&B and Hip hop, and also Faith Hill's earlier albums!

16. If you could live anywhere in the world besides your current city where would you live?
We love where we live! It would be really hard to move away from the bay area. All our friends and family are here, it's beautiful, we can be at the ocean, downtown or by the bay in under 30 minutes form where we live. The bay area has everything we want. Having said that, it is one of the most expensive places to live. It is not unheard of for a 2 bedroom, not updates house to sell for close to a million dollars in our area. It's crazy! We've considered moving north, to San Diego or southern California.

17. Tell us something about you we might not know: 
Hmmm... I think I share a lot about myself here, but if there is anything you'd like to know I'm more than happy to answer any questions! 

18. Websites you read/browse (besides blogs):
Pinterest, Amazon, Baby Center, Facebook.

19. Morning person or Night owl?
Morning person. Always have been! Although, I don't love waking up at 5am, I'm still at my best in the morning. At night I want peace and quiet and to have some down time before bed. 10pm is late to me!

20. Favorite Breakfast meal:
Right now it's Dave's Bread toast, mashed avocado with sea salt & fresh lime juice, topped with a poached egg and tapatío.

So tell me something about you that I might not know!

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