Meet the Sullivans: Becoming a Mini Sports Star

September 17, 2015

Becoming a Mini Sports Star

Our boy was born with a insatiable amount of energy. He plays hard. He's strong. He's a go go go kind of guy. Most evenings he greets his Daddy at the door with kicks, punches and a request for a wrestling match!

He has no problem getting dirty in the mud or searching for bugs and playing sticks or climbing trees, but we also want to introduce him to organized sports.  We want to funnel his energy into something constructive, a place where he can learn as he expends all of his extra energy. 

We've tried a variety of organized sports for Owen, and he doesn't always like them all equally, so we're happy to jump around until we find something he does enjoy. We've done soccer, gymnastics, dance, taekwondo and now we're adding t-ball to our list!

Our friend, Dan Hibson, is the founder of Mini Sports Stars and has 20 years’ experience coaching kids 3-18 years of age, so we were excited to try his class! T-ball can be a tough sport to work on with young children because it usually requires them to be patient and wait for their turn at bat, but Dan and his team of coaches make sure the children are always engaged in an activity. There is almost zero waiting around in this 45 minutes class. They're constantly being coached, running around, practicing their swing and working on their catching and throwing skills.


Throughout his coaching experience Dan noticed that the most important thing a coach can instill in children and adolescents is a positive experience that will help children and adolescents develop into outstanding individuals.  Competition is important in our society but the development of physical, social, and intellectual skills are far more important than a win or a loss!

Mini Sports Stars classes almost always have a 6:1 coach to athlete ratio in order to make sure that each child is receiving the proper amount of attention and instruction.  Skill mastery through repetition is a priority if Mini Sports Stars classes as studies indicate that both children and adults alike learn in “chunks of 3.”

All Mini Sports Stars coaches are trained to abide by the Mini Sports Stars mantra:

 “To enhance the Character of Our Youth through Sports in a Positive Atmosphere.” 

Coaches are specifically trained to be:
  • Positive & friendly
  • Knowledgeable about the sport they are coaching
  • Compassionate
  • Organized
  • Articulate
  • Fun
  • Energetic

You can find more information on Mini Sports Stars classes and leagues you can follow Mini Sports Stars on Facebook, or contact Dan via phone (650) 921-1006 or email

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