Meet the Sullivans: Fall Park Days

September 25, 2015

Fall Park Days

It's Fall and the weather here is finally starting to cool down a little! It's been really hot for what seems like weeks. We love going to the park, but when it's so hot and sunny it's impossible to go unless it's first thing in the morning or right before dinner. 

Fall has to be the best season of the year for playing at the park! The weather is still warm enough to not need coats or long pants, and there's a little breeze in the air that keeps us from melting or frying.

I usually try to pack light, but when we're heading to the park I like to be extra prepared so we can stay as long as we want without having to leave for a snack, or change of clothes or whatver.

For the park I always make sure to have:

Drinks - This is what I think is the most important item for the park since I know my boy is pretty much always thirsty. I fill his Atomic Robot CamelBak Eddy with ice and then with water so the water stays really cool. This also helps keep him away from the drinking fountains!

Snacks - Owen doesn't ask for snacks often (although I'm always offering them), but when we're at the park he really works up an appetite, and when he see's other kid's stopping for a snack he wil inevitably ask for one too. I use this as an opportunity to

Antibacterial Wipes - The park can be pretty grimy, especially if O has been in the sand or doing a lot of climbing. I always have Wet Ones with me wherever we go.

Change of Clothes - I'd hate to leave just because O had an accident or got too dirty, so I always keep a change of clothes in the car.

Sun Protection - We take sunscreen and a hat with us everywhere we go. O is really fair, so even when it's not too sunny we always have protection. Now I just need to be better about remembering my own hat!

Toys - If you asked Owen he'd say this is always the number one, most important thing to bring to the park. He's especially loving his new John Deere Gear Force Mega Scoop Tractor these days and all of the fun accessories that came along with it (more on that below)!! I try to bring at least one bucket, two trucks and one or two shovels with us so we can share with other kids at the park.

As you can see Owen is in love with his newest park toy! John Deere piles on more fun this fall with its action-packed Gear Force toy line that offers endless farm and off-road excitement, made especially for the preschool crowd!

Each Gear Force set is a complete adventure in a box, and is available in an assortment of vehicles, poseable and articulated character figures and animals, and themed accessories. Plus, each set is compatible with all other John Deere Gear Force sets for tons of play possibilities.

This totally futuristic Gear Force vehicle has lights, sounds and a rear scoop that transforms the toy into a Mega Scoop Tractor while doubling as a working shovel. Includes 3 AAA batteries. SRP: $29.99. Made for ages 3 years and up. Available this fall at Toys R Us and John Deere Dealers.

We were give the John Deer Tractor in exchange for our review. All opinions are my own.

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