Meet the Sullivans: Owen's First Day of 3 Year-Old Preschool

September 10, 2015

Owen's First Day of 3 Year-Old Preschool

Yesterday was Owen's first day of 3 year-old preschool!

This is his second year at his school, and we've been around there a lot over the summer as I've been giving school tours and taking care of some membership things, so he's really familiar and comfortable with his "big boy school". He's in a new classroom with a new teacher and quite a few new-to-him kids this year.

In preparation for the big first day of school we filled out a "Getting to Know You" form from his teacher where we wrote a little about Owen's personality, likes, dislikes and such. I always have a hard time not completely gushing about him when asked what he's like. I tried to reign in my inner smitten mommy and just say that he's sweet, active, inquisitive, energetic, outgoing, kind and friendly. I think that sums up our boy perfectly!

We also had to pack a change of clothes, including a few pull-ups just in case (have I told you we're really close to having him totally potty trained?!) and a picture. This year they don't need to bring a snack to school because one of the centers is cooking / preparing their own snack. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll eat what's being prepared and that he'll maybe even try something new!

I created this little My First Day of Two Year-Old Preschool interview last year with all the questions & answers I thought we'd enjoy being able to look back on someday. If you'd like a copy of the printable for your own use I've made them available in Google Drive, and you can print them here Preschool, Two Year-Old Preschool and  Three Year-Old Preschool. They are definitely no perfect, but they'll do just fine as a memory keeper.

I bought the "First Day of..." on Zulily a couple of months ago!

He got a new haircut the day before school, and he looks so cute! We went back to school shopping last week and I let Owen pick out new shoes and a new t-shirt to wear. He, of course, chose a Camo Baseball Tee and converse. We also had a special dinner last night with a few of his favorite things, i.e. meat from the bone! 

The day was a little bittersweet too though, because I always miss him when we're apart, even though I do enjoy a few extra hours to get things done on my own. He's so independent and is completely fine letting me leave. When I asked him if I should stay for a bit he said yes, but then runs off to play with his friends and explore the room. There were absolutely no tears when I said goodbye and I had to fight to get his attention long enough to let him know I was leaving.

When I picked him up from school he wanted to stay and play a little longer, and was in no rush to leave! His teacher said he even asked to used the potty all on his own, and a friend of mine who worked in the classroom that day said he was soooo well behaved -- made my day that he had a great time and was a great kid too! He told me that he only ate the apples at snack time and that he asked for lots of refills on his water and that he was a "water drinking machine"!

We're so proud of him and we're thrilled that he had a great first day back! 

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