Meet the Sullivans: Sullivan Family 2015 Fall Bucket List

September 23, 2015

Sullivan Family 2015 Fall Bucket List

Fall is officially here! A few weeks ago Keith told me that he thinks Fall is my favorite season of the year. At first I thought he was wrong, because I didn't really think I had a favorite season, 'cause I love them all, but then the more I thought about it, he was right. Fall is the beginning of all my favorite holidays, it's festive, yet still not too cold or gloomy, and my birthday is in the Fall. So many reasons to love this time of year! My husband obviously knows me better than I know myself!

Owen's first Halloween in 2012 & last year, 2014
Together Owen and I talked about some of the fun things we could do this year, most of which I knew we would be doing, and I decided we'd make a tradition of making a little bucket list for the season to get him excited for all the fun things we have planned. 

Pick Halloween costumes - We ordered Owen a Peter Pan costume with the coordinating accessories this year even thought we'd already bought him and Army costume and a Ninja costume at Costco. He's really into Peter Pan right now! He'll be so excited to wear his costume, so we're waiting until Halloween to tell him we have it otherwise he'll want to wear it 24/7/

Watch Halloween movies & shows  - We've already been watching Curious George Halloween Boo Fest on Netflix and we've got some cute kid's Halloween shows set to record.

Collect colorful leaves - Collecting rocks, sticks and leaves is so entertaining for kids this age, and there are some cute activities Leaf Activities to do with them once you get home.

Make pumpkin everything - We've already made pumpkin muffins and Pumpkin Honey Butter this year, and I've got Mini Pumpkin Pies and Pumpkin Pasta on our list as well!

Fall festivals - We've got a nursery school Fall Fun Faire, our rec center Halloween event and the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival marked on our calendars!

Decorate for Fall / Halloween - Already done! I'll show you some pictures soon!

Go apple and pumpkin picking - We've never been apple picking before, so we're all excited to give it a try this year. I'm hoping the crop is good with the drought we've had.

Host football party - We hosted a football brunch last weekend with a bunch of friends! We served egg bakes, home-style potatoes and fruit salad along with mimosas and bloody mary's. I took zero pictures!

Carve pumpkins - Hoping to get this done the night before Halloween since the holiday falls on a weekend this year! Can't forget to print some cute carving patterns

Go trick-or-treating
- Last year we trick-or-treated in our neighborhood with our neighbors and it was so much fun! Owen is already asking (every day) if we'll be going out trick-or-treating when it gets dark! To say he loves Halloween is an understatement!

So, what's on your family's Fall Bucket List this year?

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