Meet the Sullivans: Weekend: Pancakes, a Festival, and the Blood Moon

September 28, 2015

Weekend: Pancakes, a Festival, and the Blood Moon

Happy Monday, my friends! I hope you had a great weekend -- I'm just not ready for this one to be over. I love having the opportunity to spend time with my people!

Saturday morning got off to a great start! We discovered on Friday that Owen loves pancakes. He tried some at school for snack and came home to report that they were "So yummy in my tummy". I've made him pancakes before and he's never eaten them. So, Saturday morning I made him pumpkin pancakes in the shape of his name. Now I have a great excuse to buy a Pancake Pen!

And, on Friday my 2nd Maternity Stitch Fix box arrived, so I got to try that on. More on what came in the box later this week! I'm sure you're all excited to see a big pregnant lady model clothes. Laughs all around!

We went to lunch and shopping with my mom and sister in the early afternoon! Owen was a great lunch date and ate almost his whole lunch, which is a huge win!

He was in a silly, but great mood and enjoyed shopping with us in all the stores. In Sephora he was really entertained by all the little tubes, jars and containers. When we left he asked if we could please go to another make-up store. Sur La Table provided lots of entertainment with its Halloween merchandise, free samples and water dispenser. Francesca's was a hit with all their sparkling jewelry displays. He's my little shopper!

When Keith came home from work on Saturday afternoon we went back out to Burlingame again to have some fun at the St. Catherine's festival. Keith's brother and his wife have been entering the Chili Cook off for years and this year their chili won First Prize for the second time! I could only try a small taste (ugh, heartburn) and it was really, really good!

Owen loved the festival, of course. The games and activities were right up his alley! He did the bouncy house twice, hula hooped on stage to music with a bunch of kids, played games and won some prizes, and enjoyed a cotton candy! Fun little story: when it came time to pick a prize I told him what was available for his number of points, he told me he wanted the bat. We got the blow up bat, and Keith inflated it for him. He seemed really disappointed and I couldn't understand why. He kept saying he thought he was getting a bat, and I tried a few times to explain that this was, in fact, a bat. Then he finally said he thought it would be a bat with wings! Hahaha. We all had a good laugh about that one.

Sunday morning we hung out at home until I left to meet my friends Hilary and Jackie for brunch to celebrate Hilary's birthday. We ate at Il Fornaio and the waffles (an company too, of course) were amazing! Hilary and I did a little shopping around after brunch. I really really wanted to buy this wallet at Kate Spade, but decided I'll wait, since I've been trying to not spend any extra.

And then I did the grocery shopping.

While I was out Keith took Owen to a Basketball class with Mini Sports Stars! I don't like missing out on watching him, but I sure do love hearing the stories and seeing the videos when I get home. Owen loved the basketball class!

Sunday night we just hung out at home and had dinner (spinach and onion quiche) and waited to see the Blood Moon lunar eclipse. It was little difficult to see because of the clouds, but we did catch a few glimpses. Owen was enthralled!


I'm super excited for next weekend because we're taking Owen to Gilroy Gardens for their Halloween Scary Boo! & Spooky Zoo!

Gilroy Gardens Home of the Circus Trees! Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park is California's only horticulture-themed amusement park. Ideal for families and garden lovers, Gilroy Gardens features over 40 rides, attractions and majestic gardens and the world famous Circus Trees. It is a place "where fun grows on trees!" You can ride thrilling coasters and delightful carousels, visit the monarch butterfly garden, paddleboat on Coyote Lake and even take a simulated ride in a hot-air balloon. Visit for more details.

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So, how was your weekend?

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