Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap Up

September 1, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up

It's been a while since I documented what our weekends are like, and I really like being able to look back on them, especially when they've been particularly fun or eventful! Keith has been working an extra half-day on Mondays at a different clinic for the past two weeks, so our weekends have been even shorter than usual, which just means we have to pack everything into one day.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably already seen some of these pictures! 

On Saturday Owen and I had planned to go swimming at our gym with my mom and sister since the weather had been so hot here in the previous days, but oddly enough it was raining when we got up Saturday, so we had to change our plans -- what's up with the weird weather, Bay Area?! It was drizzling, but hot and humid most of the morning until the sun broke through the dark storm clouds.

We ended up grabbing lunch to-go at Whole Foods and taking it to the nearby park. Owen loves to shop at Whole Foods. I mean, who doesn't, right? He really loves picking a drink (we usually share a bubbly water) and smelling all the soaps. At the park we played for a while and then ate lunch over by the field. We had a pretty short visit since my mom and sister were going to the Luke Brian concert (lucky!) that evening and had to get ready early.

Owen fell asleep on the way home, and I was able to transfer him to his bed, which meant I got to enjoy some reading (currently The Royal We) and Pinterest time while he slept. He still naps every once in a while, but not everyday, so I fully enjoy it when I get it!

Later when Keith got home we went out to play at a trampoline park, Rockin' Jump, and then to dinner at BJ's, Toys R Us and Target. Owen loved the trampoline park! I had taken him there before I was pregnant, but I couldn't jump this time, so I just watched. I love watching my guys having fun together!

On a side note: After reading this article Erinn suggested: A Simple Trick to Run Errands With No Whining From Your Kids, we've started telling Owen when he's asking for a toy or something that we can add it to his Christmas list, and it is working like a charm! Seriously, shopping trips are a breeze now, and I haven't felt the temptation to just buy him something to guarantee a smooth trip.

On Sunday morning we got a lot done! I made my grocery list, we folded and put away what seemed like 10 baskets of laundry, cleaned out a cabinet in our room, made a pile of things for the Goodwill, Keith cleaned the backyard, I did the grocery shopping and Keith took Owen to t-ball class.

In the afternoon we hung around the house and played in the backyard, and then while I made dinner Keith took Owen up to the CSM football field to do some obstacle courses.

For dinner I made Owen's favorite, tri tip roast, and a Kale and Roast Brussels Sprout salad, which I will share with you soon! Owen took a bath with his new soap from Whole Foods, and we read some books before bed. Once Owen was asleep Keith and I watched the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, which is really good so far! If you like suspense you'll definitely enjoy it too!

It was a great weekend, even though it was a pretty short one!

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