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October 26, 2015

CuriOdyssey | Reflections and Perceptions |

On Saturday we had the pleasure of attending CuriOdyssey to see their brand new Reflections and Perceptions exhibition! Reflections and Perceptions is a sensory exhibition where kids explore their visual and tactile perception. Through interaction with ten exhibits kids experience reflective, refractive, diffractive, optical and translucent materials as well as unusual textures. Kids will learn while they play that perception of materials can be bent, fractured, flipped and distorted.

We had so much fun getting to see all the new exhibits and visiting some of our favorites!

There were a handful of politicians in attendance to help unveil CuriOdyssey's big plans for expansion! We got to see Congresswoman Jackie Speier, Senator Jerry Hill, Supervisor Carole Groom and San Mateo Mayor Maureen Freschet and hear them share their own experiences bringing their children and/or grandchildren to the science and wildlife center.

After the opening we hit up a few of our favorite exhibits before checking out all the cool new ones!

Owen loved touching the Tactiles in wood frames that now line the wall. They contain materials that create different tactile sensations and he loves running his fingers down the line of frames. The materials are meant to surprise those touching them when compared to their appearance.

One of my favorites were the Optiles, which contain a variety of transparent materials that "influence the passage of light". Not only are they really neat to look at and for kids to discover, but they make for beautiful art too!

We all had a great time playing with the Social Kaleidoscope, which reflects reflects whatever is on the opposite end, even faces, as a repeating pattern, and as the tunnel revolves, the patterns rotate and change. It was also super fun trying to get a neat picture of Owen playing with it!

This is Owen playing with the Pixelated View! This large mirror comprises 2,7000 small, square mirrors. The reflection changes as the distance to the mirrored squares changes from blurry to more pronounced. It brings pixilation to life. By adding motion, the image becomes more defined; the visual sensors in your mind make the image more coherent.

I'm pretty sure we'll be spending the majority of our future visits playing in this hall with all the fun mirrors! Owen loved running past this one over and over again to see his reflection!

The Objective Perspective exhibit is essentially a giant a kaleidoscope! When a viewer looks through the tube, he materials seen in the wheel appear to be repeating geometric patterns.

Concave Warped Reality The images the mirror reflects are different than the average mirror because the curved surface alters the path of flight. Images appear flipped.

And of course, we had a ball playing at all of our regular spots as well! 

The sand and water table where we usually spend about an hour! The children use the sand and various pieces of plastic pipes to redirect or stop the water. Owen is really into textures and sensory play, so this is really popular with him. And it's usually a spot filled with other kid's to play with, so he loves it.

Gears and Gadgets is another spot we always end up playing! Children move different gears and gadgets at various stations to help move a few plastic balls through the machine.

And although he loves checking out the snakes that call CurOdyssey home, his heart truly belongs to the river otters. They're always really active, swimming around their habitat and bouncing off the glass!

We just absolutely LOVE CuriOdyssey! We've been members since Owen was about a year old and we visit often, usually once or twice a month. We feel really lucky to have a place like this in our area where we can visit, learn and play any time we want!!!

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