Meet the Sullivans: Halloween Week Recap

November 3, 2015

Halloween Week Recap

Hey! I hope you all had a fun Halloween with your families! I don't know about you, but I'm a tad bit relieved it's over. The whole month of October was packed full with events and parties and Halloween stuff that I felt like we were always on the go. I'm looking forward to slowing it down a bit in November before the baby comes... and I'm really looking forward to putting the Halloween decor away since it's been out since September!

Monday night we took Owen with us to Benihana for dinner to celebrate my birthday! We usually have a date night around my birthday, just the two of us, but since our time with just the 3 of us is running out and Owen had never been to a hibachi-style dinner before, we decided it would be fun to make it a family date night!

He LOVED watching the chef do all his tricks and cook our meal. I think his favorite part was when the chef tossed some shrimp into his hat! It was a fun treat for us all and I'm glad we did it together.

On Tuesday we stayed home in the morning so I could work on a few things baby related. Owen and I made a batch of Pumpkin Spice Play Dough together -- I forgot how super easy and fun it is to make. Owen did most of the "work" stirring and adding the ingredients, while I got to do all the clean up and dough kneading. We work really well as a team. After Taekwondo in the afternoon Owen started complaining of a sore neck and was running a little fever. We spent the afternoon taking it easy. And so, the start of passing around a terrible cold began...

He seemed to be doing a lot better Wednesday morning (can you tell? hahaha), so I took him on his class field trip to the pumpkin farm! He had a blast with his buddies and classmates, and you would never know he'd been feeling ill the day before. The kids got to jump in a bounce house, got a mini-lesson about growing pumpkins from a farmer, pick a small pumpkin, go on a train ride and visit a little haunted house.

I wasn't surprised Owen wanted to go in the haunted house, but I was kind of surprise he wanted to go alone with just his friend K. By the third go 'round he got a little stuck and I had to go in and rescue him. He said the "lady with a drill" scared him, which I assume was one of the Halloween mannequins dressed up inside. Can't blame him, cause that sounds pretty scary to me too. He spent the rest of the day obsessing over the "lady with a drill" asking me to tell him about it, etc. I've noticed that this is a thing he does when he's afraid of something or when something scares him. Poor little guy can't get the image out of his head, so he talks about it non-stop. Thankfully he's forgotten all about her now!

Oh yeah, and Wednesday was also my 34th birthday! We hung out at home that evening and Keith brought home Chipotle for dinner and it was lovely!

I think we stayed home all day on Thursday because I was feeling pretty sick too, and then Friday Keith stayed home from work because he had caught the cold too. This is an awful cold you guys! It had really taken us down!

Friday was Owen's class Halloween celebration and parade. He was SO excited to go to school in his costume and his best buddy K was Peter Pan too, so it made the whole thing that much more fun for him! It wasn't my work day on Friday, so I dropped him off and came back an hour later for the party and parade. The kids paraded around the school and stopped to trick-or-treat in the various classrooms and building before heading back to our classroom for snack time. The moms went all out to make it fun and festive. I usually like to put in some extra effort for special occasions, but this year we just brought crackers -- I just blame being pregnant, and also the fact that I couldn't find pumpkin shaped crackers anywhere.

Afterward, the kids got to stand up in front of the class and share their costume. When Owen's turn came he proudly told the class he was Peter Pan and then proceeded to retell parts of the story, including the part where Hook's hand gets eaten by the crocodile. I was really proud of him for getting up there and so eloquently explaining the story to his friends and all the parents in there.

Friday night Keith's sister and her family came over after dinner for our annual pumpkin carving night. Owen was thrilled to be carving his little pumpkin! Aunt Kelly helped him poke some holes and pull out a bit of the guts, and then he asked me to help him carve a ghost in it. He had specific directions about how exactly he wanted the pumpkin to look, and I tried my best to make it work. He ended up being very pleased with it and even wanted his pumpkin to sit with him while he had some ice cream cake.

On Halloween Owen and I went to lunch with my mom and sister to celebrate my birthday a bit more and to get out of the house so Keith could do some continuing education work at home in peace. When my mom showed up with cat ears on Owen immediately wanted to wear his Peter Pan costume too. We went to Burlingame and shopped around a bit before having lunch. A lot of the shops had candy out, so O got to practice his candy grabbing skills. He also picked out an astronaut toy at the toy store, which prompted him to want to be an astronaut for trick-or-treating instead of Peter Pan -- luckily (for him!) we had a costume already.

Saturday night we decided that since Keith and I were feeling pretty miserable and Owen was still coughing and had a running nose, that we should skip our plan to spend Halloween partying with our friends and stay home instead. We felt terrible having to cancel the plans we'd made since we were all looking forward to them, but we didn't think it would be fair to expose all our friends to our germs.

We trick-or-treated for a while in our neighborhood before coming home to pass out candy. Keith's mom and Owen had a ball opening the door for all the kids who came by and gave out at least two handfuls of candy to each kid!

And THAT was Halloween week(end) for us! Oh yeah, and the time change snuck right up on us too. I don't mind it being dark earlier, but the first day or two when we're waking up at 5:30 instead of 6:30 feels really rough, especially being sick!
How was your Halloween?

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