Meet the Sullivans: Pre-Baby Day in the Life

November 25, 2015

Pre-Baby Day in the Life

Our little family is about to undergo a big adjustment! Our days as a family three are numbered and I'm sure that once the baby arrives our memories of what life was like before will be a bit of a blur, so I thought it would be fun to document what life was like right before he arrived.

So, this is Friday, November 20th, 2015. I'm 34, Keith is 36, Owen is 3 years 10 months old, and the baby is 37 1/2 weeks.

6:37am Owen was up in the middle of the night, so we all slept in a little more than we usually do. Keith was up first, got our coffees and Owen's milk, and when he came back upstairs Owen was in our bed already. He loves being able to get out of his bed on his own and running into our room first thing.

7:00am We turn on Disney Jr. and watch one show, drink our coffee.

7:30am Owen and I head downstairs to play and have breakfast before we have to leave for school. He plays around me in the kitchen while I put together his breakfast and his lunch since he'll be staying at school for "lunch bunch" today.

7:50am I run up and grab Owen's clothes for school. Keith comes downstairs and hangs with Owen so I can shower and get dressed. They eat breakfast while they play and Keith gets Owen dressed.

8:15am I shower, but decided to skip washing my hair since I'm short on time, so I use dry shampoo instead. I bought Not Your Mother's Clean Freak this time, and I don't love it as much as the Dove kind I had before, but it does an okay job. I put on some make up quickly. I've got bags under my eyes and I'm feeling puffy and tired at this point in the pregnancy, so this is as good as it's going to get today!

8:16am Keith leaves for work. He's running a little late too. I try to rally Owen into following me out to the car, but he wants to find his Stick Bot toy to bring to school. We do a quick search and can't find it in the usual places. He throws quite the tantrum about finding it right now, and I tell him we have to leave right now. He does not want to go, but as soon as I start a count down, "5, 4, 3, 2..." he follows me outside, but not without some stomping and a few tears.

8:30am We're pulling out of the driveway! I realize I never ate breakfast, but at least I took my Pepcid so I'm not nauseous. We listen to Owen's current favorite song "Better When I'm Dancin'" from the Peanuts Movie while we drive to school. He drinks another cup of milk and a Z Bar on the way. His school provides snack, but he doesn't always eat it since it sometimes involves things he doesn't like, so I always make sure to have something extra for him on the way to school and on the way home.

8:43am We made great time getting to school this morning! Maybe it's because it's Friday? Or because it's the Friday before Thanksgiving? We get a spot in the school parking lot and run in to use the bathroom before Owen goes into his classroom.

8:45am His teacher opens the door and welcomes everyone in. His teacher is amazing and we all love her! Owen says "hi" to her and takes off to put his sweatshirt in his cubby, and then to put his picture on the attendance board. This is how they have the children "check-in" at the start of class. I sign him in and sign him up for lunch bunch. I hang around for a little bit and check to see what's for snack on this day. It's a "special snack" which means it's a birthday snack, which I can see is berries, whipped cream and angel food cake. At least he might in the strawberries! And he has his lunch for later, so he'll be okay. Once Owen gets settled at the play dough table I say goodbye. I ask for a kiss and he tells me "maybe later?", which is new. He's usually willing to give me one. I settle for a high five and head out.

9:00am I'm in the car and on my way to my pedicure appointment! This will be my last one before the baby arrives and I'm really looking forward to it!

9:15am I'm a half hour early, so I go to Starbucks to grab a coffee and pumpkin bread. While I wait for the nail salon to open I scroll through Instagram. I'm doing a "follow friday" with some blog friends, so I make sure to go through and comment on as many of their posts as I can.

9:45am They're open! I contemplate a few shades and decide to go with a red. I'm torn between OPI Chick Flick Cherry and Red Hot Rio. I end up with Rio because it has a brightness to it that I like. I seriously love having a pedicure -- I just wish they were longer!

10:20am I'm all done and head over to the store to buy some fruit (melon and pears) and milk for Owen since we're almost out. Running out of milk in our house is disastrous, so we like to always have plenty in the fridge. I have about an hour and a half before I need to leave to get Owen so I decide to head home. Usually I would probably try to run some errands or something, but I'm kind of extra tired these days, so going home sounds like the best plan.

10:30am I empty the dishwasher, rinse and load the dirty dishes, pick up the house, start a load of laundry, put away a load of laundry, and make our beds. Then I search everywhere for Owen's Stick Bot. I can't find it which is too bad.The baby's crib obviously doesn't need to be made, but I wanted to show you that it is all ready for him!

I eat a really quick, early lunch before running out the door to pick Owen up.

12:30pm Pick Owen up from lunch bunch. He's having lots of fun, and doesn't want to leave or stop playing with the toys. We finally leave after he sees his friends are leaving too.

1:10pm We arrive home, check the mail, go inside and play for a little while.

2:00pm I decide Owen should take a little nap since he has promotion testing at Taekwondo tonight, and we want him to well rested so he can focus. He uses the potty, I shut his shutters and he lays down on his bed with his blanket. I sit on the floor next to his bed and he rubs my arm with his hand -- that's his favorite way to find comfort.

3:00pm He's still not asleep, and no matter how much I bribe or threaten he is still not going to fall asleep. I know he's tried, and I am too, so this is really frustrating. Promotion testing is at 6:30, and on days like today we're usually putting him to bed at 7:30, so a nap was really necessary today to make sure he gets through the test and then dinner afterward. Sometimes no matter how much I try I just can't force my plan on him, even if it's in his best interest. I give up and we go downstairs to play. This is also when I give up on taking pictures!

3:45pm We play with cars, read books and robot action figures for a while before deciding to turn on a movie (Frosty the Snowman) and rest on the couch. Playing on the floor is really hard these days. My big stomach really gets in the way of leaning over to reach for a toy, etc.

4:30pm We get off the couch and decide to clean up around the house a little. Most of the time I can get Owen to follow me around and keep himself occupied while I take care of stuff around the house. He's happy to go through a drawer or color or do kinetic sand. I pack up us for his promotion testing and get changed and put on some make up.

5:30pm Keith gets home and we all hang out before leaving around 5:45. His Taekwondo school is about 15 minutes away, but in rush hour traffic it can easily take 30+ minutes to get there, so we leave extra early. Owen almost falls asleep in the car on the way.

6:15pm We arrive at his school and watch some of his friends take their tests to receive their next belt. I'm a little nervous for Owen because he has to stand up in front of everyone and show his teacher that he knows a series of moves, etc.

6:30pm Owen's turn! He does well and doesn't seem nervous at all. He smiles through the whole test and revives his orange belt at the end!

6:50pm Our friends and neighbors go to the same Taekwondo school, and their son is around the same age as Owen, so we go next door to the pizza place to have dinner together. The dads play video games with the boys while the moms order the pizza and chat. We talk about our plans for Kindergarten, etc. We all eat pizza and the boys buy little 25 cent toys from a vending machine that keep them entertained while the adults talk.

8:00pm We decide to head home because we're all tired. We say bye and good night to our friends, although we'll see them again when we both pull into our driveways!

8:30pm We're home and we get Owen in his pajamas. He's really tired and is pretty cranky. We don't even bother reading a book and he ends up falling asleep in minutes just holding on to my arm.

8:45pm Owen is asleep, and I'm beat too. I go downstairs to say good night to Keith. I try watching a little Nashville I have recorded, but turn it off after a few minutes because I can't even keep my eyes open. Good night!

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