Meet the Sullivans: 2015, Looking Back...

December 31, 2015

2015, Looking Back...

2015 has blown right by us! When I think back on this year I'll always remember it as the year of "the baby" since I spent most of the year pregnant. We started the year not knowing if we'd ever be able to grown our family and now here we are ending it with our complete family -- it is amazing what can happen in a year! God has been so very good to us!

In January we celebrated Owen's 3rd birthday with friends and family at La Petite Playhouse

In February we switched Owen from his crib to a toddler bed,

In March we found out I was pregnant and that we'd be expecting our second child in early December!

In April we celebrated Easter with our families in Folsom and here in San Mateo. And my morning sickness kicked into full drive, which resulted in me not blogging much.

In May we announced that Owen was becoming a big brother

In June we celebrated Keith's 36th birthday in Disneyland!

In July we found out we would be welcoming our second baby BOY in December!

In August Keith and I celebrated 5 years of marriage and we went camping with family (always a highlight of Owen's summer)

In September Owen started his second year of preschool!

In October celebrated all things Fall, Halloween (Owen was Peter Pan!) and my 34th birthday!

In November I documented what a day in our life before Luke looked like and we celebrated Thanksgiving with our families!

And in December our sweet baby Luke was born and we celebrated Christmas together with our two boys for the first time!

We're ringing in the New Year at home this year, just us! Keith is picking up take out and our number one goal is to get everyone to bed at a reasonable hour so we can hopefully start the new year feeling somewhat refreshed! Cheers to 2016, it will be an exciting year!

Wishing you all the best in 2016! 

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