Meet the Sullivans: Family of Four - the First 10 Days

December 15, 2015

Family of Four - the First 10 Days

I've been home from the hospital for 10 days now and our little family of four is adjusting quite nicely!

I was determined to come home a day early because I was getting pretty sick of being in the hospital -- I hate feeling "sick" or like I need so much help, and I was seriously missing my sweet Owen. He had a cold while I was in the hospital, so we only got to come visit once, the day before I came home. He made himself at home on the hospital bed and when it was time to go, he did not want to leave.

The hardest part of coming home was finding that Owen had come down with his very first ear infection. My heart broke knowing that I was finally home and reunited with Owen only to have to force him into the car to head to urgent care without me. It was awful. He begged me to come with him, and to let Daddy stay with Luke. That was my biggest fear / concern with having two children, that I'd have to choose between them when they both desperately needed me. Owen ended up going with Keith and his mom after being promised a trip to the toy store, and he was fine. He recovered quickly and he's finally done taking his pink medicine! We had to make it into a silly game about germ Army's making ouchie castles and buildings inside his ears and that the pink medicine helped wipe them out. That's parenting!

Breastfeeding Luke has been a breeze! He has a serious hunger and a good latch. Engorgement was rough, followed by a period of regulation that had me concerned about my supply but then a day or two later everything was back to normal again! 

Sleep has been okay too. Some nights are good some are not so great. What makes it really rough is when Owen is up too and comes into our room and wants to be in our bed. We've only had to kick daddy out of the bed once. And last night everyone slept great! Luke slept from 10 to 3, that's five straight hours!! And then nursed and went back to sleep until after 6! It was glorious, but I won't fool myself into expecting many more nights like that!

Owen has been adjusting beautifully into his role as a big brother! He loves to help with diaper changes by handing me wipes or diapers, but steers clear of the dirty part. Everyday when he comes home from being out the first thing he wants to do is find me and "the baby". He helps reinsert Luke's paci, sings him songs and asks to touch him and hold him. Last night he asked when Luke will be able to play with him. He's eager for his little brother to join in his fun! 

Luke is the sweetest baby, and loves to eat sleep and be held. He really only cries when he's hungry or needs a diaper change, and we haven't had to break out in a dance party to soothe him or use the physioball to bounce him to calm him. He had a very laid back personality, from what we can tell so far!

Keith is home with us until after the New Year and is has been such a huge blessing! With him home I've been able to recover from my c-section, take naps when I need them and he's been taking Owen to school and helping make our transition a smooth one. I'm already dreading when he goes back to work and having to find a new routine for us.

I went for my first post-op appointment yesterday and everything is healing up fine. I'm off the pain medicine now and I'm just taking an occasional ibuprofen when I feel like I've done to much. My scar seems to be much more discrete this time than it was before, which is likely due to this being a planned c-section where my doctor could take her time.

Of course, our adjustment wouldn't be so easy without all the love and care we've received from family, neighbors, classmates and friends. We've barely had to cook a meal since we've been home and it has been awesome! I'm really going to miss that part once it's over. I see many slow cooker meals in our future once Keith goes back to work.

We're getting into a great groove and routine. Keith takes Owen out for his activities and I hang at home with Luke, who usually sleeps most of the day away. Everyday he has more and more awake time though. Our bedtime routine is still a bit of a juggling act with dinner, followed by a bath for Owen given by Keith. I'm usually feeding Luke at that time so that when Owen is ready for bed I can have some time with him and read him a story while Keith watches Luke. 

So that's what's up with us lately! I hope you're all doing well and are enjoying the holidays!

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