Meet the Sullivans: Five on...Tuesday!

December 21, 2015

Five on...Tuesday!

Well, I tried to get this post up Friday, but just couldn't make it happen, so Tuesday it is! There are only days left until Christmas, my friends! Are you ready? I'm taking a laid back approach to the holidays this year. I didn't send Christmas cards, but we'll send New Year's cards instead. I haven't baked a single Christmas cookie. I've only managed to wrap half the gifts we're giving, and I haven't watched a single one of my favorite Christmas movies. But, that's not to say the spirit of the season isn't in our hearts. This is probably our most precious Christmas ever, the first one with our two boys!

Let's get on to my five...

one - We managed to make our gingerbread house last week! We went out for a family walk around the neighborhood, and Luke was still asleep when we got home, so Keith, Owen and I took the opportunity to decorate our gingerbread house together. There was Christmas music, coffee for the and more candy in our tummies than on our house! We let Owen take the lead this year and he made all frosting and candy placement decisions. It's obviously our best one yet!

two - My new Life Planner came right after Thanksgiving and I'm in love with the color, design and that extra name at the bottom. I've been spending any little moment I can filling in my calendar for next year and Luke's baby book (Little Animal Lover Memory Book). I went with the Lucy Darling baby book this time because it's entries are short and sweet -- there's no way I have time to fill in page long entries this time around!

three - Finding pj's that match for both a preschooler and a newborn is no small feat, but I've been able to find a few pairs. Earlier this week we dressed them in the stars ones at bed time and Keith and I died from the cuteness. I can't believe how HUGE Owen looks next to little Luke!

four - Luke and I went to his 2 week appointment last week! His weight is going up, he's almost 8 lbs now, and he's grown half an inch. His umbilical cord stump fell of this week and we finally gave him a bath Friday night. He did really well and cried just a bit, but also seemed to enjoy it for a minute. Last night after his bath we gave him some tummy time and he managed to roll himself over from his tummy to his back. Both our boys were early rollers :)

five - For the past few years I've tried to not buy any extra Christmas decorations -- we have SO much already and don't even put it all out each year, but the Christmas sales are calling my name and I'm pretty sure I'll be adding a few of these things to our collection this year.

 I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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