Meet the Sullivans: Holiday Traditions from The Adventure Starts Here

December 14, 2015

Holiday Traditions from The Adventure Starts Here

Hi everyone!  I'm Meghan, from The Adventure Starts Here, where I blog all about my life as a wife and stay at home mom to our 3 year old son, Noah!  I love sharing about our family adventures, the crafts Noah and I do together, as well as some of my personal interests (fashion, decor, and organization to name a few)!  I am so excited to be here today while Colleen loves on her new baby boy and adjusts to life as a family of four!

As I mentioned above, I love sharing about my family's adventures. While we stay pretty busy all year long, like many, we go nonstop in December!  Hands down, my favorite time of year is Christmas, so I make sure to celebrate the entire month of December (or really as soon as Thanksgiving is over)!  For as long as I can remember, I've loved Christmas... my mom has always done an amazing job at making it pretty spectacular!  When we found out we were pregnant with Noah, the wheels in my head started spinning, thinking of all the traditions I'd want to start as a new family of three.  Noah was born at the beginning of November 2012 and I admit that our first Christmas was super low key.  But we made up for it his second Christmas and started some really fun traditions that we continued last year and will do again this year!  

25 Day of Books and Advent Calendar

Like I said, I love celebrating Christmas ALL MONTH LONG!  I recently posted all about our many Christmas Countdowns.  I love planning lots of festive activities to do throughout the month.  It's almost to the point that Christmas Day is just one of many fun and exciting days in December rather than the one big event!  And while Noah gets more than his fair share of toys on Christmas Day, I also love having little gifts/tokens for him to find in our Advent Calendar each day.  We try to keep it simple by giving stickers, matchbox cars, and candy.  Then each night, he unwraps a Christmas book (some new, some from previous years) to read before bed.  This is probably my favorite countdown because Noah loves opening gifts AND reading books... it's the perfect combo!

Spending the Day in New York City

We are fortunate enough to live just 35 miles outside New York City.  My husband, Chris, commutes there daily for work, but I have to say that going in for fun is such a different experience.  Before we had Noah, we would make a date to see the Rockefeller Tree when I was in the city for a client.  We wanted to continue the tradition with Noah, but now we go during the day instead of after work ;)  We love looking at all the decorations on 5th Avenue and of course getting a picture in front of the tree. Last year we stopped by FAO Schwarz and we are seriously bummed that they are now closed.  This year, we are super excited to take Noah to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and visit the Macy's Santa.  Hopefully both will be added to our NYC tradition :)

Santa Train

This is something we did that I wasn't sure would become a tradition.  But considering Noah's love of trains, I think we will be doing it for a long time!  We may switch to the Polar Express as Noah gets older, but for right now, the simple Santa Train is perfect for us.  

Act out the Nativity and Sing Christmas Songs

This is one tradition that I grew up doing.  I come from a musical family (the boys at least are), so every Christmas, my dad would take his guitar out, print out the lyrics to all the usual Christmas songs, and we would sing as a family.  It's something I loved doing as a kid and I knew I wanted to keep the tradition going with Noah.  Sometimes we do it earlier in the month, while other years we end up doing it on Christmas Eve.

Another thing my family when I was growing up, was to act out the Nativity.  My parents have a simple script printed out that follows the Bible story of the birth of Jesus.  Sometimes we would invite families from the neighborhood to join us while other times it was just our family of 5.  While we don't act it out when it's just Noah, we make sure to do it whenever all the cousins are together at Christmas.  It's always funny to see who will play each of the parts and our homemade costumes (made from robes, towels, and ties) are pretty comical as well!  

Christmas Morning Just the Three of Us

While I love spending time with family this time of year, Christmas morning is something I want to keep for ourselves.  Since we live within 10 minutes of both sets of grandparents, we have the luxury of seeing both sides without having to give up our Christmas morning.  We usually spend Christmas Eve with my family and go over to Chris' family for Christmas dinner.  I personally love having Noah wake up in his own house and experience the excitement of seeing what Santa brought him.  We like to take our time, opening gifts as a family in our PJs while taking short breaks to have some donuts and hot chocolate.  I really cherish the memories we make just the three of us :)

I hope you have a wonderful day and magical holiday season!  I'd love to hear what some of your family's traditions are!

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