Meet the Sullivans: Postpartum Dressing by Whitney at Work it Mommy

December 7, 2015

Postpartum Dressing by Whitney at Work it Mommy

Hey hello!  I'm Whitney and I blog over at Work it Mommy.  I do life with my husband Brian, our two daughters, Kinsey (4.5) and Brielana (1) and our Cocker spaniel- Dachshund mix, Stella. I share about life as a Girl Mom, our preschool activities, toddler fashion, Baby Led Weaning and whatever else tickles my fancy.  Congratulations to the Sullivan Family as they welcome their newest edition!  Thank you for having me, Colleen.

So, postpartum dressing.  What an endeavor.  All mom's have been there.  It's that awkward transition from baby belly to belly sag and usually spans a couple of months before fitting comfortably back into your pre-pregnancy clothes.  And though it has been well over a year since I gave birth to Brielana, I wanted to share my easy postpartum dressing formula, because it shouldn't have to be a struggle to get dressed! And I figured if I could be of some help to Colleen during her "4th Trimester" transition, then I have accomplished something.

I'm a planner by nature so I got down to researching and found some helpful sites through Pinterest (visit herehere and here) that got me excited about dressing during my fourth trimester and also got me in the right frame of mind when shopping for transitional pieces. 

The theme for this stage is camouflage; covering up in a flattering way and feeling comfortable while doing it.  I didn't use any slimming garments because for me comfort is key, but I know there are cheerleaders out there for them.  Use your own judgment for that call and let me know how it worked for you!  Here is that dressing formula:

Postpartum dressing formula

Adding layers will help to draw attention away from the middle and up to your face.  You can do this by throwing on a scarf (my favorite) or by adding a vest or jacket.  Bonus points if your layering piece includes ruffles, which help to visually cover more.

Anything that visually draws the eye away from the belly or covers it up in a flattering way is what you're aiming for. Ruffles, rouching, draping, a large print, dark colors, loose- flowing tops are all good!

Stretchy leggings, high waisted jeans with stretch, yoga pants, maxi skirts (basically anything with lots of stretch and preferably in black or darker colors for slimming) are your BFFs right now.  I had the best black GAP jeggings that I had purchased after having Kinsey 4 years ago.  I lived in them for two months before even attempting jeans. They were higher waisted, made me look and feel slim, and had a button and fly so they looked like pants.  Sadly, I had to retire them but if you have only one pair of comfortable and flattering pants, it's totally o.k to wear them every day!  No one will fault you for it and in most cases, you'll probably be applauded for getting dressed; people are extra kind to a new mom, ever notice that? 

If you're already wrangling a toddler like I was, having comfy footwear is a must.  I love flats, slip-ons and boots. If you like heels or wedges, go for it!  As long as you're comfortable (because comfort is key, remember?) anything goes.

I hope this helps dressing your new postpartum body! If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask!  I'm no expert, but being a mom of two has lent me some experience in this department, and I like to share :)

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