Meet the Sullivans: SAHM Time Management Tips from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

December 16, 2015

SAHM Time Management Tips from Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom

Hi everybody!  I'm Jessica, and I blog over at Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom!  I share about life as a SAHM, diy projects, and everything in between.  I'm thrilled to be guest posting for Colleen while she's enjoying her sweet new little bundle of joy!

When I gave Colleen my ideas for my post I was really excited when she chose for me to share about how I manage time and life as a SAHM.  It's something that has taken a lot of trial and error, throwing routines and schedules out of the window, starting over, and being okay with changes.

Here's how I try (try being the key word) to run our day.

7:00-7:30  Kids wake up 
7:30-7:45  Breakfast
8:15  Clean up, get dressed
8:30  Learning/craft activity 
9:00  Independent play
9:30  Outside play/walk
10:30  Snack and play
11:00  Family chores
11:30  TV/make lunch
12:00  Lunch
12:30  Lunch clean-up/books/quiet play
1:30  Nap/quiet time
3:30  Snack/TV
4:00  Music/Craft/Play
5:00  Dinner prep
6:00  Dinner
6:30  Clean-up
6:40  Family time
7:25  Clean-up
7:30  Baths
8:00  Bedtime

Every day does not look like the "schedule" above.  Cam has preschool three days a week from 
9:00 -11:45, so that changes things.  Also, we have fun plans with friends, errands and so much else that comes up at a moment's notice.  I'm not scared to change our schedule because it's not set in stone.  I do try to keep nap time as consistent and possible, but we roll with the punches when we have to.  Well, I should say Emerson does.  Cam is quickly moving away from naps.  Boo!!  I'll also admit that I'm not always the perfect Pinterest mom.  You are shocked and disgusted aren't you?  :)  There are days Cam watches way too much tv or movies because it helps me to get things done around the house.  There are days outside play doesn't happen because it's either too cold or we just don't feel like it.  Sometimes having two means you read a million books, heat up your coffee 12 times before you finish once cup,  and sometimes the tv helps you get one load of laundry folded.  Course, I felt that way when I just had Cameron too.  Ha!

When Emmy was born our schedule was thrown out the window.  Being awake, aware, and ready for what the crazy toddler needs while having no sleep due to a newborn makes life a little tough for a while.  There were a few days that I'd turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, put Emmy in her rock n play for a nap, and lay down on the couch.  Cam would come over, lean in my ear, and say, "Mommy, are you sleeping?"  Then he'd go play, come back a few minutes later and ask the same thing.  Ha ha!  Yep, we had those days.  I'm not perfect and with no family here to help day in and day out I had to figure out how to survive those tough days.  But after a few weeks and once we were past those really exhausting first few weeks or month with a newborn we quickly fell into our new daily routine.  It's definitely not perfect, but it works for our family.  

Here are a few tips for surviving as a mom of two (or more):

- Relax and have no expectations.  There is nothing wrong with staying in your pajamas all day, not showering, and throwing a pizza in the oven for dinner.  This goes for days when you have a newborn or not.  

- Have something for your toddler or older child to do while you are feeding the baby.  Books, puzzles, a short show, or blocks are good ones.

- Find alone time with your older child.  Cam did a great job rolling right into his big brother role, but I did my best to make sure I spent time each day with just him.  At the beginning we took quick trips to the post office or Starbucks while Emmy stayed with Daddy or Mimi while she was visiting.  I also played playdoh, read books, and built with Legos.  Anything to make him feel loved and not forgotten.  

- Let people help.  I was bad about the first time around.  Okay, the second time too, but I got better.  Just because you need help doesn't mean you are weak or can't handle things.  You are human!  I am still working on this one.

Bringing a new little one into the family is incredibly exciting, but also stressful.  I wanted everything to be perfect and that was stupid.  Nothing is perfect.  Being a mom/parent is hard work and no matter how much help I had from my hubby he wasn't there during the day, so I was on my own to find how to make our life easy once baby came.  I've been lucky to have a toddler who is really easy-going and loves his little sister.  That was my biggest concern.  Now that we have our routine we wake up and hit the floor running every day.  Whether you are a mom of 1, 2, 4, 7, or 10 you've got this!  You can do this!  You will find your new normal quickly and it'll be just right for your family.  Hang in there!  

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