Meet the Sullivans: CHRISTMAS 2015

January 8, 2016


It has been two weeks since Christmas, and all of the decorations have been packed up for next year. I'm always sad to see them go, but at the same time I love having less stuff and clutter about.

This Christmas was a huge one for our family! It was the first Christmas that we got to celebrate with both our children, and one of Owen's best Christmases yet because he was able to really understand all the magic and we were able to talk with him more about the true meaning and magic of the season!

Our tree this year was a little hodge podge-ish since we put it up in a bit of a rush in the days before Luke was born. I like having a variety of ornaments with meaning, and less filler on our tree. We spent Christmas Eve at home with family, like we do each year. It's my favorite night of the year! Our little family of four skipped church this year to keep Luke away from any germs.

Our adorable boys dressed up in their Christmas best! Owen can be quite difficult to get dressed. He usually just wants to keep playing, but when he saw Luke all dressed up he ran up the stairs and asked to get dressed in his shirt and tie.

It was dark, cold and rainy on Christmas Eve, the perfect night for staying in and enjoying all the lights and company of family, but not great for taking pictures!

Owen taking FULL advantage of all the Christmas goodies! Cookies, pies, ice cream, chocolate and more cookies!

On Christmas morning Owen came into our bed around 3am and fell back asleep. He ended up being the last person in our whole house to wake up, even his college aged cousins were up before him! When he woke up we got started opening gifts, and carried on until almost lunchtime.

Santa brought him SO many toys and so did all of the people who love and adore him!

Later in the afternoon we got dressed to go to my grandpa's house for Christmas dinner with my side of the family.

And I couldn't resist dressing Luke up as Santa on Christmas!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas with your families!

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