Meet the Sullivans: Friday Five

January 14, 2016

Friday Five

Hey there, friends! I have been trying to make this post happen for over a week. I started writing it last Thursday, but never managed to complete it. But hey, I'm here today and that's what matters!

O N E We've successfully taken the boys to church two weeks in a row! The first time I spent half of mass out in the vestibule, but last week the four of us managed to stay in the pew for the entire Mass. Things were going so well that we even stopped at Whole Foods afterward for a few things. Granted, I had to hold Luke through all of Mass and the grocery store, but it still feels SO good to be out doing "normal" things together again!

T W O Having two children is absolutely bananas. I know it will get easier -- that's why people continue to have more children, right? I feel like I'm always trying to get something done, or take care of someone or clean something up. Most of the time my mind is in a million places at once, and I feel like I'm busy all day but get almost nothing done. It is really frustrating for me. I love crossing things off my to do list, but these days I'm barely even able to find a minute to write one!

So, this year I've decided to try my best to let go of my to-do list and just enjoy my family more. I feel stressed when the house is a mess or I don't have dinner planned, but I feel even worse when I lose my patience with Owen or Keith because I've put too much on my plate. I read and shared this article, Put it down, yesterday and it puts these thoughts and feelings together so perfectly. Read it!

T H R E E Keith got an early Christmas gift from work! After 5 1/2 years he has finally been moved to a Monday through Friday schedule! No more Saturdays in the hospital!! He has been asking for this change since the day he was hired, so it has been a long time coming. We are so thrilled to finally have a normal weekend together as a family. Don't get me wrong, the Mondays off were nice when we wanted to go somewhere that's usually busy on the weekends like to zoo, but it also meant Keith was never around to go to birthday parties with us and that if we wanted to see friends it had to be on Sunday. We're looking forward to going to the Farmer's Market more and finally taking advantage of all the three days weekends we've been missing out on for years!

It's all roses, except the only downside, which is that he was going to work for me on Mondays in Owen's classroom and now I will have to do it and bring Luke with me. It's going to be a huge challenge with nursing and soothing and diaper changes. Other moms in our class did it last year with their little babies and it seems to work well for them, so I hope I can juggle it. Wish me luck!

F O U R I'm on Snapchat! For the longest time I didn't understand it and thought it was mainly used by high school kids, but then some fellow blogging friends started talking about it and I had to check it out. My niece (hey, Nat!) showed me how to use it and now I'm totally loving it. One of my SILs is on it, most of my nieces and nephews, and so many friends! Are you on Snapchat? My username is colleenpsulliv

F I V E This was my second week home week at home with both boys, and it's going pretty well. There have been some ups and downs, and some stressful moments, but with each day I think we're getting a better hang of it all. One of the things I've been doing to make our days go a little smoother is making Owen a little snack box in the refrigerator full of healthy snacks he can go grab himself. It seems like whenever he wants a snack I also happen to be feeding Luke, changing a diaper or have just sat down. It's nice to be able to tell him to go grab something knowing it will be something I picked for him, but that he also gets to make a choice. I've also been filling sippy cups of milk and water bottles in the morning for the same reason.

What are your weekend plans? We'll be celebrating my grandpa's 90th birthday with family on Sunday and Owen's 4th birthday on Monday! And I'm hoping to squeeze in a pedicure somewhere in there too! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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