Meet the Sullivans: Friday Five!

January 21, 2016

Friday Five!

Hello Friday! I am so thrilled the weekend is upon us! Here's my five...

O N E We celebrated Owen's 4th birthday on Monday and it was a super fun day! We made the day all about Owen and the things he LOVES, so we started the day with balloons, donuts and gifts! Then later in the morning we headed out to his favorite play place and followed it up with a trip to his favorite place to eat, Five Guys! We spent the afternoon playing with his new toys, and for dinner I made salmon, his new favorite food. It was a great day for our sweet boy and I'm so glad Keith was off work, and that we could all enjoy the day together.

T W O Luke is full of all the smiles and coos this week! It's like all of a sudden he's come to life and wants to be heard. We're all soaking in the sweetness, and everyone loves being the recipient of his smiles. 

T H R E E My favorite thing to do when I'm up with Luke in the middle of the night is scroll through Pinterest. I'm on the hunt for an easy no-candy Valentine idea for Owen to give his classmates this year. Last year I rounded up some cute non-candy ideas, and we ended up giving his little buddies bubbles with a little "You BLOW me away, Valentine" tag attached (<-- you can print the free printable I made!). Have you seen any other cute ideas I should consider?

F O U R We skipped having newborn photos taken of Luke and I was kind of regretting it, so I've been looking for opportunities to take as many good photos of him as I can myself. Problem is it's pretty dark in the winter and our house doesn't get too much natural light. Meg shared that she uses a reflector to help bounce the light in her shot, so I went and ordered this one and I'm thrilled! It really helped with the little photo shoot I did with the boys yesterday! I'm excited to see how else it can help with my photos. 

F I V E I've been buying so much kid stuff lately, but I actually bought myself something last week! I've been wanting the Lulu Lemon Vinyasa scarf forver and I finally just bought one! It seemed like whever I decided to get one they wouldn't have the color I wanted. I went with a black and gray style. What I love most about this scarf, besides the fact that I can wear it with my sweats, is that there are SO many ways to wear it.

That's all for now! Have a lovely weekend!

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