Meet the Sullivans: Owen's 4th Birthday Party

January 26, 2016

Owen's 4th Birthday Party

We celebrated Owen's 4th birthday last weekend with a party at his martial arts school! Owen loves Taekwondo and his wonderful teachers, so we thought it would be a great place to celebrate with a bunch of his little friends. 

We also knew that it would be a pretty easy party for us to coordinate since having it outside our home meant there would be little prep, set up or clean up for us to do for the party -- a major bonus when you're running on little sleep and have a 7 week old baby to care for too. 

Owen always looks forward to birthday parties, especially his own, so this year I let him make most of the party planning decisions, including picking the decorations, the cake and the party favors. I thought that would be a fun thing for him since he's so into being a big kid these days!

A couple weeks before the party he and I went on a little "date" together to pick the decorations and cake. He picked a chocolate cupcake cake, fun little toys for the goody bags, and lots of blue and green decorations. I loved that he found a bag of little ninjas and thought to add them to his cake as a decoration.

The party started with 45 minutes on the mat with the teachers, who lead the kids through a warm up and stretching exercises before having them do various obstacles courses, drills and kicks. All the kids had a BLAST running around with each other and I think a few of them might even want to sign up for Taekwondo now. I know Owen felt special getting to show his friends all his moves and getting to help lead the group for each activity. He even got to break another board with a big giant kick!

At the end of the lesson each child got to take home a white "ninja" headband to wear!

For food we kept it easy and kid friendly with a variety of pizzas, Chinese chicken salad, veggies and strawberries -- all food that our four year-old loves to eat!

We bought the cake at Safeway and we were really happy with the way it turned out. Cupcake cakes are the best of both worlds in my opinion because you get the look of a cake and the ease of cupcakes all in one! Can you see the ninjas smushed into the cake? Owen insisted on placing them himself.

And of course, the icing on the cake was that Owen got to cut his cake with a real Samurai sword! I think all the parents were terrified and the kids were all in awe! Don't worry though, his teacher had a tight grip on that sword.

Oh, and Luke was there too! He pretty much slept through the entire party, only waking up once to take a quick look around before dozing off again in his grandma B's arms.

This was probably Owen's favorite birthday party yet, and we feel so fortunate that so many of our friends and family members were able to join us to celebrate!

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