Meet the Sullivans: How to Pick the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

February 25, 2016

How to Pick the Right Summer Camp for Your Child

Summer may seem like a long ways away, but it will be here before we know it! The long, hot days of summer can be extra long when you don't have activities planned for your kids, so most of the moms I know start planning their summers (vacations, camps, daycations, field trips, etc.) before spring time. We've decided to sign Owen up for a few summer day camps this year to give him some extra enrichment and to give me a little one-on-one time with my little guy, Luke.

Having never attended summer camp myself, I didn't know what to expect when looking for and researching summer camps. Here's the process and questions I considered as I searched for the right camps for Owen.

Is your child happiest indoors or outdoors? Our son loves to be outside playing in the dirt, grass and trees. He is absolutely at his happiest when he can run, yell, play and jump. I know he wouldn't thrive in a camp environment that would require him to sit still or spend too much time inside, so I chose camps that will have him outdoors most of the day.

What are your child's interests? Obviously you wouldn't chose drama camp for your painfully shy little one, but consider expanding on some of the things that have piqued their interest, even if they are slightly out of their comfort zone. Owen has been really into riding his bike when we get him on it, so I know that bike camp will help cultivate his interests and skills.

What is your availability and the schedule for the camp? Pull out your calendar and spend some time researching the availability of your chosen camps, and compare them to your other summertime commitments. A lot of the more desirable and popular camps fill up early so it's important to know  when registration opens up so you can get a spot in the camps of your choice. You may also be able to save a little if you sign up early -- the "Learn to Bike" camp we've signed up for offers early bird pricing!

What are the costs and fees? Some camps are out of this world expensive, but there are others out there that are more reasonably priced. You really just have to do some research to help you weigh the cost v. benefits of each camp as it pertains to your family.

use code: EarlyBird to save $25 per day-camp session!

I'm really excited for Owen to try Avid 4 Adventure's brand-new "Learn to Bike" camp designed just for preschoolers! He has come a long way since his first bike lesson last year, and I just know he is going to learn so much. The camp is only a few hours, so I know he'll get plenty of time to have fun, but he won't be away from us for too long either. Campers are encouraged to bring their own bikes, but can always borrow one from the camps fleet. I'm so excited for my little adventurer to try his first summer camp!

What camps are your children trying this summer?

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