Meet the Sullivans: Easter 2016

March 31, 2016

Easter 2016

Keith and I consider ourselves pretty lucky when it comes to family. Most of our family lives close by, so for each holiday we are able to see both sides. It makes for a pretty hectic and busy holiday weekend, but we wouldn't have it any other way. 

On Saturday night we celebrated with Keith's side. Owen and Luke's cousins are all quite a bit older than they are, but they love to play with them, which is so sweet!

The kids had a little egg hunt out front and then sat together on the front porch to open their eggs. We went on a long walk after dinner and played for a while before it was time to say goodbye. Owen always wakes up the day after seeing his cousins and asks where they are -- he really loves them so much!

Luke enjoyed all of the love and attention too! He gets passed around and played with and I don't think he minds at all!

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny arrived bright and early with baskets and eggs for the boys.

(here is what was inside their baskets!)

Owen was most excited about the Playskool Galactic Heroes Star Wars action figures! Once he spotted those he didn't care about seeing what else was inside, although he has had fun playing with the garden tools and bubble blaster this week!

We made it to church right on time (we've been late every week this month!), but still had to sit all the way out in the vestibule. Our church is always overflowing on holidays.

Afterward we came home and I whipped up brunch. We had mimosas, eggs, ham, chocolate chip greek yogurt buttermilk pancakes, cinnamon whipped cream and berries. It was fantastic and we were so full!

After cleaning up brunch I made the scalloped potatoes gratin we brought to my grandpa's house and then it was time to pack up and head over.

Now, in Keith's family the boys are grandkids number 10 and 11, and in mine they are the only grandchildren. They're the best entertainment! Whenever we walk in the door of my grandpa's house Owen asks my Aunt Lesley (hi Aunty!) to take him in the backyard to explore. He loves hearing about all the wildlife that live in the huge grass field behind the house and the pond.

Owen also scored three more Easter "baskets" at my grandpas's house, which makes him the most spoiled loved kid I know!

The Monday after Easter, when Keith went back to work, was rough. I'm so used to him being home the day after a holiday weekend, which usually allowed us to re coup and get errands done. We were all exhausted after all the weekend fun!

How was your Easter?

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