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March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

What a week! Keith has been sick since Tuesday, and we have seriously missed his company in the mornings and evenings. I'm glad Owen is at the age though that he gets it and doesn't cry when one of us is sick and he misses us. When he heard daddy was sick he ran up and found his honey lollipops to share with Keith for his throat. What a sweetie!

We've got another fun filled weekend ahead with family visiting, a St. Patrick's celebration, brunch with friends and church!

Here are some of my favorites from this week: 

On Monday I took Luke with me to Daly City to check out Sprouts. I'd heard it was like a cross between Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, and I had wanted to check it out. I was impressed with the quality and price of the produce -- the strawberries were beautiful and only $2 a pound. Impressive right? I'm used to paying $5.99 for so so looking ones.

I made the Yarn Easter Eggs I saw on What's Up Moms over the weekend, and let them dry for a couple days. I let Owen pop the balloon that was inside and help me use a toothpick to scrape away the extra starch. I think they turned out pretty cute and they look springy and cheerful on the kitchen table.

We've start a new little routine this week since the weather was nice. On Tuesday and Thursday mornings we've been going to the gym and then after we have lunch at the park. It's been a lot of fun for Owen and he's totally tired out when we get home the afternoon. On Tuesday he even took a nap on the couch!

This little guy! He's been chatting up a storm this week with his coos and squeals and little laughs. I don't know what happened to my great sleeper though, because we've been up 1-4 times a night this week, which has been really rough. 

And there he is again looking so big! He's growing so fast and I really just want to stop him. I enjoy him so much. 

And I have to share this, if you haven't already seen it for yourself. Rombauer Chardonnay is at Costco for only $28.99. It sells at the winery for about $30 and way more everywhere else, so this is a phenomenal deal!

Like is a pretty easy baby, but being up with him a few times a night, and then not getting a nap from Owen most of the time really tires me out! There is almost no way to catch up on sleep these days, and I really don't remember the last time I felt like I wasn't tired! Who is with me?

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