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March 10, 2016


Hey there! A little bit of this and that today...

I've got a beautiful new header up, do you likey? The one I had before was part of a pre-made layout and it was just boring and didn't fit the space up there. I had some serious trouble uninstalling what was there. I stared at the code for hours on Saturday, but could not figure out what to do. Luckily my friend Karli offered to help and she fixed it in two minutes flat. It's no surprise she could help because it's like, her job! So, if you're looking for blog design or some help with your blog she's your girl!

Keith and I took Owen to see Zootopia on Saturday afternoon! The movie was really cute! Owen loved getting to go see it, and I think he really enjoyed getting some one-on-one time with mommy and daddy.

I'm now a contributor for San Francisco Moms Blog, a part of the City Moms Blog network! I just submitted my first post, so once it goes live I will be sharing it with you!

Luke is such a sleepy head. I feel like he sleeps so much during the day, and over the weekend his sleepiness must have rubbed off on me because we fell asleep together in the bed and it was the greatest nap!

I made Trisha Yearwood's Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese on last Friday for dinner. After getting it all set to cook I read the reviews, and they were not great. I usually read them before I decide to make something and still don't know why I didn't do that this time. The flavor was fine, but I think the cook time was too long and is what caused the cheese to get lumpy. It would have been great if I turned the slow cooker off and served it after about 1 1/2 hours of cooking instead of the suggested 3 1 /2 hours. Lesson learned, read the reviews first!

A recipe that did turn out well though (even though it didn't photograph well!) was this Beef-and-Lamb Shepherd's Pie I made Sunday night. It's in the newest issue of Food Network Magazine and would make a great St. Patrick's Day dinner if you're family is not into corned beef and cabbage. 

These two bunnies are keeping me on my toes these days, but they sure are fun! I just love how silly Owen's expression is in this picture, while Luke looks like he wants to be rescued. 

Have a great day!

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