Meet the Sullivans: Owen and Luke's Easter Baskets 2016

March 24, 2016

Owen and Luke's Easter Baskets 2016

I had a lot of fun filling the boys' Easter baskets this year! I can't wait for Easter morning when they get to open them!

It is really easy to find fun and useful things to put in Owen's basket. He can eat almost anything, loves lots of different kinds of toys and activities and I know he'll be excited no matter what. Luke was a little harder to shop for because he's still so little and doesn't need much, and anything he will need we pretty much have. I was still able to find some cute thing to fill his basket up with.

First let's talk liners and baskets! I wanted the boys' baskets to be similar, but not the same, so I ordered Luke's basket liner on Zulily (referral link) a month ago. Owen's was from Pottery Barn Kids (and all PBK baskets and liners are 40-60% off right now!), but I was able to get this one for half the price while still getting the same look. The basket it came with was pretty large, and Luke didn't have too much, so I switched their baskets. Luke has Owen's basket and his liner, and Owen has the basket that came with Luke's liner. 

Inside his basket there is: a bubble wand from the $1 spot, a light up toy, a chocolate bunny that daddy will probably eat, sunscreen and body wash, a teether, a pack of Sleep n Plays, and a handsome little bodysuit. I'm glad that most of the stuff in his basket are things he will really use, and not just more stuff to fill the house up with.

Owen's liner is the same gingham one I ordered for him from Pottery Barn Kids a few years ago, but with the basket that came with Luke's. The basket isn't the best quality, so I will probably find a new one for next year. The basket is pretty deep and wide, so it was perfect for all the stuff that was going inside Owen's basket.

Inside Owen's basket there is: a pack of Playskool Galactic Heroes Star Wars Resistance Finn (Jakku) & First Order Stormtrooper, a bubble shooter, sidewalk chalk, carrot and bunny gummies, a pack of Star Wars Micromachines, new markers, chocolate ladybug and bees, a new garden shovel and rake, and a sunflower grow kit.

 My very favorite thing in his basket is the children's wooden rosary we found for him.

I've also filled his eggs with chocolate, coins, stickers and lollipops. Luke will hunt for the eggs too, but he'll probably be generous and give the contents to hid big brother.

So those are the boys' baskets for this year! I can't wait to celebrate our first Easter all together! If you'd like to see what the Easter Bunny put Owen's baskets in past years: 2015 (3 years), 2014 (2 years), 2013 (1 year), 2012 (baby).

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