Meet the Sullivans: Ten Things I've Never Done, But Would Like To Do

March 7, 2016

Ten Things I've Never Done, But Would Like To Do

Where do you do your thinking? I come up with my best ideas in the shower and when I'm driving. Thinking in the shower makes sense because it's pretty much the only time I'm alone all day. Every once in a while I think of something I've never done, but would really like to do, and I think to myself "I'm going to do that!" and then I get out of the shower and real life is back in session and I forget all about. So today I'm writing them all down so I can remember them, and hopefully, do some of them someday!

Take a cooking class. I love to cook, but I have never taken a real cooking class. The nutrition class I took in high school in place of a real science class does not count. I've always wanted to try one of the couples cooking classes where wine is served. Doesn't that sound fun? I'll have to make it my resolution next year to find a good one and sign up!

Travel outside the US. I've never left the country. Crazy, right? I'd love to visit Ireland, Italy, Japan and Australia, to name a few.

Learn to fold a fitted sheet. I've got big goals, you guys! I consider myself to be pretty good at most things domestic, but this I cannot do, and it bugs me. All the other sheets and towels in the linen closet are folded nicely. I even have a particular way I fold tee shirts and towels so that no edges show and they're all the same size, but my fitted sheets look like they were folded by monkeys.

Give birth naturally. I gave birth to both boys via c-section and if given the chance I would have loved to done it the natural way. I'm not saying I would do it without the drugs, I'm not that brave, but I would have liked to skip the surgery part.

Say the right come back, at the right moment. Now, it's not like I've never done this, but it seems like more often than not I'm met with some rude person who says a snide comment or a back handed compliment and I'm too caught off guard to defend myself. I'm not wishing to be confrontational, but I hate thinking of the perfect words later and wishing I'd said them in the moment.

Research my family tree, in depth. Ideally I'd love to get to be on Who Do You Think You Are? and have them tell me all about my ancestors and take me to the towns where they worked and lived. I know I have a lot of Irish in me, some English, a little bit of Peruvian and who knows what else.

Own a small business. If money, time and other priorities weren't an issue I would absolutely open a gourmet donut shop. Please don't steal my dream! In my little yet to be named donut shop I would serve 5 different kinds of donuts each day. There'd be flavors and concoctions like strawberry shortcake, chocolate mint chip, birthday cake, maple bacon, etc. I know these already exist some places, but I don't know of around me. 

Learn to speak publicly. I hate speaking in front of crowds. I turn red, get sweaty and forget how to articulate complete thoughts. I dread it and it makes me nervous to even think about ever having to do it again. My dad was a skilled and charismatic public speaker, so when I had to speak at back-to-school night I would call him for a pep talk and pointers before going. I'd love to be as comfortable and relaxed about it as he was.

Run a marathon. This is something I've always wanted to do. I've ran a 1/2 marathon and half a dozen or more other small distance races, but never a full marathon. I'm sure it would just about kill my knees, but I'd like to get back to running again and hopefully check it off my list before I turn 40.

Drive cross country. Keith and I have always talked about doing this together and I hope that we'll do it with the boys someday. I think it would be quite the memorable experience and fun to plan different stops along the way. I'm sure its the kind of thing that you only need or want to do once in a lifetime.

What are some things you've never done, but would like to do?

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