Meet the Sullivans: Friday Five

April 1, 2016

Friday Five

Hooray, it's Friday! Another week has flown by and here's my five for this week...

one. I got a request to share the meals I've been sharing on Snapchat (colleenpsulliva) lately. I kind of have this secret dream of having my own cooking show, and I like to act it out on Snapchat sometimes. It's ridiculous, but fun. Anyway, here is what I cooked this week:

Tuesday - Baked Salmon with Seamed Broccoli and Cauliflower Rice
Wednesday - Lemon Chicken and Potatoes with salad
Thursday - My own take on Marinara with lots of vegetables and ground beef

You'll notice I skipped Monday, because I took Owen to the doctor in the late afternoon and ordered pizza on the way home.

two. I'm cutting my hair tomorrow! I've been growing it (mine doesn't grow very long) for a while and I'm just sick of it. It takes too long to dry and style, and I really need to have something easier right now, so I'm going to ask for something like this. What do you think?

three. Owen was on spring break this week and its been really nice! I was a little worried going into it that we would have so much free time and not much to do, so I planned out the week with lots of playdates. We stayed so busy that the week really flew by and now I'm kind of sad it's almost over.

four. And we definitely enjoyed our slow mornings in our pajamas too!

four.  I keep a box in Luke's closet so I can throw clothes in there as he grows out of them, and then pass them along. I've filled it up so many times, and every time I feel so emotional as I sort through them. Both my boys have worn those little outfits and it is SO hard to let some of them go! Slow down, babies.

five. Keith and I are going to movie this weekend and I cannot believe we haven't been on a date since October! We're planning to see Cloverfield. I can't wait!

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