Meet the Sullivans: Our Baby's Bedtime Routine

April 25, 2016

Our Baby's Bedtime Routine

Some children are naturally good sleepers, and unfortunately my boys are not. When Luke was a brand new little baby we thought we got lucky with a naturally good sleeper, because he slept allthetime, and slept for long stretches at night. By about 2-months old he switched up his sleeping habits and started waking more frequently at night. I've been trying to work on a more consistent bedtime routine for him that will hopefully, over time, help him get to sleep and stay asleep longer. 

Here is our family's evening routine, with a main focus on Luke: 

6PM Keith gets home from work, and Luke wakes up from his last nap of the day. We have dinner together at the dinner table with Owen, and Luke is either in one of our laps or sitting in his bouncy chair near me. Sometimes we put him in his little seat on the table too, which he seems to like!

6:30PM Keith, Owen and Luke play while I clean up dinner. 

7PM Keith takes Owen upstairs for his bath, and Luke hangs with me. I usually lay him on a blanket and talk or sing with him or carry him around while I get things together for his bedtime routine. 

7:15PM Luke usually starts to show signs of being tired by now, so we start his bedtime routine.  

I give him his bath during the day, so at night I wipe his face, neck and hands with a warm washcloth before changing his diaper, and changing him into his pajamas. I prefer zip-up pj's right now since they make for less hassle during a middle of the night diaper change. Then I put him in his Halo SleepSack on top of the pajamas. 

We swear by the Halo SleepSacks and have used them for both of our boys from when they were newborns all the way to when they're ready to use blankets in the beds. It gives me great piece-of-mind knowing that my baby is warm and safe in their SleepSack when I put them into their beds. 

During the winter I use the Micro Fleece SleepSacks, but this Spring and Summer, when it's warmer, I'm using the new HALO 100% Cotton Muslin SleepSack.

Once Luke is all cozy and ready for bed I read him a story and sing a little song. After that I turn on his nightlight, his humidifier, turn out the lights, and turn on the white noise. We use an iHome iPod doc along with an app for the rain sounds in his room. Not only is it soothing for him to fall asleep to, but it also drowns out the other noises in the house. I nurse him in the rocking chair, burp him and give him his pacifier. He usually drifts off to sleep pretty easily. 

Bed time with him is a total breeze! Now if I could just get him to sleep longer at night we'd be golden! I'm currently getting up with him every two hours through the night.

If you have any tips for getting a baby to sleep for longer stretches at night PLEASE share them in the comments below! 

And here are some of the bedtime favorites our family swears by:

Disclaimer: I received the Halo SleepSack featured in this post in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

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