Meet the Sullivans: Touch-a-Truck

April 20, 2016


We had a really nice weekend, and as always it goes by WAY too quickly! This weekend was the perfect mix of downtime, family, friends and a lot of fun.

On Friday morning Owen had school, which meant this cutie and I had some one-on-one time together.

Saturday morning we went to a Touch-a-Truck event put on by a local co-op nursery school. I have been wanting to take Owen to one for years, but we always ended up missing out on them because we had other plans.

They brought out around 10 or more trucks and vehicles (maybe a little more or less) for kids to explore, touch and see! Owen LOVES big trucks like so many kids his age, so this event was right up his alley!

There was a fire engine, highway patrol car and motorcycle, cement truck, tow truck, school bus, city bus, garbage truck, UPS truck and so many more!

The drivers and operators of the vehicles were around too to answer questions and show the children their trucks. Owen was probably most excited to see the fire engine and to sit on the motorcycle!

The kids were able to push some buttons and hold the steering wheel too. There were lots of horns being honked and sirens going off, and Luke slept through most of it! They had earplugs available for purchase, but we decided to pass on those since he was staying far from the actual cars.

The event was super fun and they had some fun little stations set up for water, a raffle, some cardboard boxes made to look like different trucks and cars (the ice cream truck was a huge hit with O!).  Owen loved racing around the mini-racetrack hey had set up with kid motorcycles, bikes, trikes and cars. Kids were cutting across traffic, ditching their cars in the middle of the "street" and driving the wrong way down the road. Children are the worst drivers!

This was such a fun event and you could tell the school really puts a lot of care and thought into planning it. It only cost $5 a person to enter, and the money goes toward the school. I'm sure it is their biggest fund raiser of the year! We'll definitely go back again next year when Luke is a little older and can enjoy the event too.

Have you ever been to a Touch-a-Truck event or something like it?

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