Meet the Sullivans: 10 on 10 : May 2016

May 12, 2016

10 on 10 : May 2016

10 pictures on the 10th day of the month!

{Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

Yesterday was the tenth of the month, so I tried to document our day by snapping ten photos to show what we were up to. This is Tuesday, May 10th, 2016!

You know how some days you just have too many balls to juggle? Well, this was one of those days. I didn't plan to have so much in one day, and to someone else it might not seem like a lot, but for us this was a busy one.

The morning started early as usual. Luke is up every couple hours through the night, so the 6am wake ups always seem WAY too early. We played downstairs for a while until Keith came home from the gym and showered and came down to relieve me so I could go shower.

I usually shower at the gym on Tuesdays, but on this Tuesday I had too much I had to get done in the morning, so we skipped the gym. And also I cut my thumb pretty badly on Mother's Day, so weights were out. Showering, doing dishes, cleaning, etc. are all a huge hassle right now since I have to cover my thumb with a plastic bag to keep it from getting wet. Ugh!

My mind is all over the place these days and if I don't write something down I WILL forget all about it. I keep an Erin Condren Functional Family board in the kitchen to help me remember everything and to use as a general spot to keep a visible schedule, shopping lists, to do's and reminders.

We hung around at home in the morning waiting for someone to come by and pick up some baby clothes. Luke has out grown bags and bags of them, and I wanted to give them to someone who needed them. A woman contacted me about wanting them through a Mommy Buy /Sell Facebook group I'm in. We scheduled a day and time, and I waited around for her for hours, and then she never showed up! And she never called! That kind of thing really frustrates me. This is the second time something like this has happened when I've tried giving something way for free to someone in this group.

We started Luke on bananas this week! He's been showing signs of being ready and some real interest in our food, so we thought he could start a little early. Our pediatrician recommended waiting until 5 months 2 weeks to start, and he's 5 months 1 week, so. And he's been really fussy for the last few days, so I was hoping it would help. He LOVES bananas and there are lots of "mmmmmm"s happening. I think it was a good idea to start him. He had his morning meal before we left for Target.

This is us trying to get out the door to Target while Owen had a bit of a 4 year-old moment. He wanted to wear a pair of Luke's socks that were his. I said they were too small, he disagreed. Full on meltdown ensued. On the front lawn. And then he asked if he could get a toy at Target (see his wallet in his hand?). I said no. More tantrum. Somehow we made it to the car and got to Target.

When we got there I pulled a shopping cart over to the car to load the boys into and found a razor blade in cart. Imagine if I had just popped Owen in there without looking? I can't believe someone would just leave something like that in a shopping cart. Check your carts, my friends.

We had two main needs on our list this day: diapers and brownie ingredients for the brownies I took to our school board party that night. I made it out with both before O lost his patience! Luke just slept :)

Both boys asleep in the car by the time we got home! This never, ever happens. If Owen naps it's usually not when Luke is also sleeping. I successfully transferred both kids inside and then went back out to unload the car. So much stuff.

Quick little lunch and some Downton while I had the chance. I'm still working my way through the series finale -- can you believe how behind I am? I also folded a basket of laundry and picked up the family room and emptied the dishwasher. Gotta take advantage of those double naps!

And then this is when things got a little busy. I had to clean up the house, make brownies, make dinner and get all the boys stuff set up before I left for the party. My grandpa called to stop by, and I can never tell him no because I love to see him, so we had a jam packed afternoon.

When Owen woke up from his nap he helped me make the Creme de Menthe brownies before my grandpa came. We visited for an hour or so, and as he was leaving my sister arrived to help watch the kids between my departure and Keith's arrival home. She helped me with Owen and Luke while frosted the brownies. I ended up running out of time to make dinner so I ordered a pizza instead.


I ended up only being a little late for the party, and I think the brownies were a hit. I felt like just yesterday I was at last year's school board party, pregnant and feeling clueless about my role, and here we are a year later. Amazing how much can happen in a year and how quickly the year goes by! The board president and school director gave the 2015-16 board these cute pitchers for "pitching in" -- such a cute play on words!

It was a late night and I didn't get home until past 10, which is super late to me these days. It was a long day!

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