May 24, 2016


I have a super simple crafty gift idea to share with you today!

Owen is at an age where he has started contributing his own ideas when we give gifts. He remembers the things people like, they're favorite colors and their interests, and then makes his suggestions based on those ideas. It's quite adorable! We were brainstorming ideas for something he could make for his grandmas for Mother's Day, and he remembered that both of his grandmas like to drink coffee. He suggested a coffee cup, so we decided a personalized coffee mug would be a nice gift.

I wanted to make sure that Owen could really take some creative ownership with this project, and that I could still make sure it looked nice enough to give as a gift. I decided that the best way to do this would be to add some stickers to the mugs, let him paint them, and then pull the stickers off.

We bought some simple letter stickers, a mug painting set, and some little stenciling sponges at Michael's. It was a very inexpensive craft to create since the mug painting set ended up being on sale when we bought it. 

Owen calls my mom "Granny" and Keith's mom "B", so we though it would be cute to use those names instead of their real names. I washed the mugs first, dried them thoroughly, and added the stickers. I did them a tad bit crooked on purpose because I knew I would never be able to get them all perfectly straight.

I made sure Owen added more dots around where the letters were so that no white was peeking through, and so the white of the letters would really stand out once we removed the stickers.

Owen added the paint around the rim of the mugs as his own little personal touch! See what I mean about creative ownership? After he was done I stuck them in the oven and set it to heat. The mug has to heat up with the oven, and then cool down completely before the pain is set.

After they cooled I was able to peel off the letters. I was worried that the stickers weren't going to come off or that the paint would leak through, but they came out perfectly!

I thought they turned out really nice, and Owen was so proud of his gifts for his grandmas! I think these would make pretty sweet little gifts for Father's Day or Grandparent's Day too!

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