Meet the Sullivans: Luke is 5 Months!

May 4, 2016

Luke is 5 Months!

Our little Lukester turned five months old this week! I feel like I just wrote his last update. The months go by so quickly and the days go even faster. He discovered his feet recently, and they have quickly become his new favorite toy to play with. I've been keeping him sockless just so he can see his best buddies whenever he wants!

Stats: I'm guessing you weigh around 16 lbs now, but I won't have the real stats until next month at your 6 month visit. You have some nice arm and leg rolls going. And you have really long legs! You wear 6 month or 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

We call you: Chicky-boo, Lukey, and Lukester

Eating: You're going a little longer between feedings now, sometimes even making it a few hours. We'll be starting solids in two weeks when you turn 5 1/2 months, per your doctor's recommendation.

You're starting to get a little distracted when you're nursing, and I'm remembering what that was like with your brother too. I can't talk to anyone when I'm feeding you, drink water, etc. because you'll stop eating and smile at me. You've also been trying to squeeze your hand in your mouth when you're feeding too, which makes things a challenge.

Sleep: You will nap almost anywhere; in the car, stroller, bouncy chair, swing, etc. I have been trying to have you nap in your crib when we're home, in hopes that it will help you sleep better at night if you're more familiar with sleeping in your crib. You're still waking up often during the night -- being up 2x is a really goo night, while the worst has been 5-6x. I refuse to let you cry it out, so I'm just hoping our sleep situation will improve soon.

Health: You're healthy, growing and getting stronger each day! No illnesses this month, although you still have cradle cap. I just can't get it to go away.

Development: You can now roll over and to your tummy from either direction. You've started to like being on your stomach and will play in this position for short periods of time. You've started to laugh a lot more, especially when I try to be funny or tickle you a bit. You've added grunts and growls to the ways you communicate your needs.

Likes: Being talked to and sung to, being naked, watching your brother and getting attention from him, playing with toys, your FEET -- you like sucking on your toes, grabbing them and looking at them, and when I pretend to fly you up in the air.

Dislikes: Being strapped into your car seat after waking up from your nap. You want out ASAP when you wake up. You're pretty easy going, so it's hard to think of anything you don't like.

Big Brother Owen: We all love you, but the person I'm most happy to see love on you is your brother. Just this morning he was singing a song to you about how much he loves and and how much everyone else does too. His love for you is so true and doesn't waiver. As soon as he realizes you're awake and in the room he's all over you until I ask him to give you some space.

Dear Luke,

We can't believe you've been with us for nearly half a year now, sweet guy! How did we ever feel complete without you? I'm so happy to get to keep watching you grow, but at the same time I want to just freeze time and keep you this way forever. The baby days are numbered and they're going too fast. We cherish you, sweet Luke!

xoxo, Mommy

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