Meet the Sullivans: Mother's Day 2016

May 10, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

This was my 5th Mother's Day and each year they keep getting better and better! The first one was sweet because I was a brand new mom, but this year was perfect because I got to spend it with both my little boys. And it helps that Owen has an idea of what the day is all about and is extra snuggly all day!

We celebrated with my mom and sister on Saturday. We met at THREE in San Mateo for brunch. The food was good and there were so many great sounding things on the menu that it was hard to chose. I ended up ordering the Chilaquiles. I have to learn to make them myself! We had a nice time and Owen and little Luke were good little guys through the meal!

We exchanged gifts (I'll show you what we gave our moms soon!), and my mom surprised me with a pedicure and a copy of some of our home videos from when Kath and I were little! I can't wait to show them to Owen!

Sunday morning I tried to sleep in a bit while Keith ran out to get coffee. He and Owen brought me a latte in bed, and I couldn't just stay up there all by myself knowing they were downstairs having fun, so I joined them all downstairs.

Owen had me open the gift he'd made in school and it was super sweet! The kids decorated frames and then the teachers dictated their answers to some questions onto a card. I had an idea that the card was coming and I looked forward to reading Owen's answers all week long. I thought for sure his answers would be sweet if not just plain funny!

Afterward I made rocky road to bring to Keith's sister's house for lunch. It is soooo easy to make and I'll share the recipe soon!

The day kind of took a turn for the worse after that. I went to get ready for church and when I was rummaging through my closet looking for a pair of shoes I cut my thumb on a razor. It must have fallen out of my gym bag. It didn't hurt too terribly, but it bled for 30 minutes and caused us to miss church.

It wasn't all bad though because I did manage to get a cute picture with my little men!

We went to Keith's sister's house for lunch and had a fun time hanging out together and catching up. Luke had a great time being held by his cousins and aunts, and took two naps while we were there. Owen always loves going to his aunt Kelly's for many reasons, one of which is because she saved all of her son's Legos from when he was little and O gets to play with all of them when we go! 

It was a lovely Mother's Day!

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