Meet the Sullivans: Father's Day Weekend

June 23, 2016

Father's Day Weekend

I hope you all had a lovely Father's Day celebrating with the great dads in your life, whether they're yours or your children's! Here's a little recap of how Father's Day weekend went down in our family this year...

Our Father's Day celebration started on Saturday morning with Mickey Mouse pumpkin waffles and a family trip to the gym. Keith loves dragging us all to the gym bright and early on Saturday mornings, so this weekend we obliged with no complaint. He plays basketball and I workout, and we all leave happy, yet pretty tired! Owen is getting good at dribbling the basketball. I think Keith's dream is that both boys will someday love the sport as much as he does.

Keith took the boys to watch their cousin's softball game while I went to Old Navy for their big sale -- I bought some things for the boys, and these and this for myself! -- and to Trader Joe's for groceries. 

Sunday morning I offered to let Keith sleep in, but being the sweet husband he is, he told me to sleep in while he got up with Owen. I didn't take him up on the offer and decided to cook breakfast instead. I had put a few Trader Joe's chocolate croissants out to rise over night, so we had those, eggs, fruit and chicken breakfast sausage.

Owen was really excited to give Keith the card he picked out for him at Target -- a Marvel super hero Black Panther card --  and to have him open the gift he made for him at school, which was a little clay dinosaur painted gold and a sweet card. It never matters what's inside the gift, because the real treat is getting to see how proud Owen is of himself and how much he adores giving a gift.

We went to church, the park and then Costco -- pretty much our regular Sunday together, and then got ready for the the NBA Finals. We BBQ'd a whole chicken for the first time and it turned out amazing. I'll definitely be trying that again soon!

We also let our butterflies go on Sunday! Owen was pretty sad to see them go and really really really waned one to land on him. A couple of the younger ones (I'm assuming) stayed a day more and were set free on Monday instead. 

Every year on Father's Day I miss my dad, but this year, for some reason I really felt his absence. Maybe it was because I now have not just one, but two little boys he never got to meet. I say it all the time, he would have LOVED being a grandpa. He was surrounded by women in our family and I think he would have been beyond thrilled to have my two little guys and Keith too to hang with. Don't get me wrong, he loved his girls, but I know he would have enjoyed getting to teach Owen and Luke everything he knew about sports and stat keeping. He was a numbers guy.

I guess this Father's Day was also a bit different because it was also the same day of Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals and his favorite team, the Golden State Warriors were in it for the second year in a row. The Warriors were never this good when my dad was around and even though they lost I know it would have been BIG for him to get to see them play in the Finals again, and to get to watch it with us.

Anyway, we had a nice weekend, even though it was much like every other weekend for us!

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