Meet the Sullivans: Out & About with JJ COLE

June 28, 2016

Out & About with JJ COLE

We received product samples from JJ Cole in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

The thing our family likes most about summer is how often we are able to be out and about! Since the weather is pretty mild here in the bay area it's easy to enjoy almost any activity year round, but there is just something more enjoyable about spending a warm summer day outside!

One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday morning is visit the farmer's market located near our house. We like to stroll around visiting all the vendors, checking out the produce and fun things they're selling, and usually pick up something for lunch along the way. I've been using my JJ Cole Citrine Lattice Freeman bag to hold all the produce along the way. The diaper bag comes with these cute little grip attachments to hand the bag on your stroller, and makes visiting the Farmer's Market with two little ones so much easier!

Owen's favorite part of the farmer's market has always been sampling the fruits and vegetables they're handing out -- and I credit this with introducing him to a few new favorites every once in a while. Her recently tried blueberries again and has decided they're on his list of faves once again -- score one for mom!

By the end of the third aisle we set up our picnic on the lawn with all of the food we've bought and let the kids play around on the lawn. I think this is Owen's favorite part since he like to play with all the sticks and pine cones, and roll down the hill.

I am absolutely in love with my JJ Cole Outdoor Mat! In my opinion it is the BEST picnic blanket there is. The outer fabric is durable and water-resistant, and I like that it doesn't get tangled up around kid's feet when they come traipsing through for their lunch. And if those sweet little kiddos get a little messy drinking the drippy, juicy fruit we've picked up at the market the blanket just wipes clean!

This blanket is amazing, my friends. Everyone needs one in my opinion!

It's also incredibly easy to fold and up and carry. It's stitched so that you couldn't possibly fold it incorrectly (so that means it's husband proof too!), and the whole thing velcros together and has a nice little handle to make carrying easy.

The blanket and diaper bag are available for purchase on!

What is your family's favorite way to get out and about in the summer?

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