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July 8, 2016

Five on Friday

My gosh this week went fast! One of the things I love most about a 3-day weekend is the short week that follows. Keith is on a camping trip this week, so I'm parenting solo right now. It's times like these that I feel really fortunate to have so many family members around to help out and keep us company.

Here's a little bit of this and that...

| O N E | Orange is the New Black - Are you a fan of the show? I didn't think I'd like it when it first came out, because of how raunchy and sad it can be, but as soon as I got past the first episode I was hooked. I really love watching the back story of each character and seeing who they really are. I love how complex they are! I binge watch the seasons (as much as I can!) when they come out and right now I just have the finale left to watch of the most recent season.

| T W O | Owen is in his second session of swim lessons for the summer and he's really getting the hang of swimming, finally! It's such a joy to watch him accomplish things like this and reach these milestones. In the last year we've seen him become more independent, get potty trained, learn to ride a bike and now swim. I feel like he's grown up SO much in the last year!

| T H R E E | Have you seen these Invitation to Create activities before? I pinned this little activity for Owen a while back and have been meaning to recreate it for him. There are all different variations of the same idea, like cupcakes, bugs, turkeys etc. Now if I could just find the time to pull it all together! 

| F O U R | Have I talked about these Greek Turkey Burgers before? You've probably seen them on Pinterest! They are SO GOOD! Definitely a Pin win! I usually serve them on a sweet potato bun or on a salad but they'd be great in a pita or even over quinoa or orzo.

| F I V E | Tomorrow the models for our town home open! It's a funny feeling to be committed to a house I've never actually seen in person or even in a photo. I finally got to see a picture of what the main floor will look like last night. Unfortunately, the grand opening is while Keith is gone, so he'll have to see it another time. I'm so excited I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight!

That's all for now! Have a lovely weekend, my friends! 

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