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July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello, Friday! It's been a busy and exhausting week, but we've had lots of fun too. Here's my five:

one. Owen had been in VBS all week and he has been loving it! He is so tired, but in a great mood each day when we pick him up.  I bought the CD of five of the songs they sing each day and he sings along to it in the car. Tonight at dinner he told Keith and I that he prayed that Jesus would "still live with (him) for always", so I think it's been a great influence in him. It's a huge camp with lots and lots of kids, so I'm proud of him for being being brave and separating from us so easily each morning.

two. Last night I was prepping dinner and realized we were out of the pesto I needed, so I decided to use what I had to make a substitution. I used arugula and walnuts in place of basil and pine nuts, and it turned out really great! 

three. Does anyone out there know anything about DIYing a barn door? There are two in the model of our home and I just know it would be cheaper to do it ourselves and it doesn't seem that difficult, right? I don't think we'll put one in the master, but likely downstairs to separate the dining room and play room. 

four. Keith and I had great date last weekend! It had been way too long since we'd been out together without the kids. We got to tour the model without the kids, which allowed us to really talk about what we wanted to do with it, and we went to lunch and to do some shopping -- but the best part was just being able to have conversations without being interrupted 10,000x!

five. I picked up two pairs of the Tuff Athletics leggings from Costco after hearing from several people about how amazing they were, and they really are great! They're so comfortable and soft, and the material is just thick enough. Got get yourself a pair!

That's all for now. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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