Meet the Sullivans: Look, No Training Wheels!

July 19, 2016

Look, No Training Wheels!

A few weeks ago Owen attended a week long, half-day Learn to Bike Camp through Avid 4 Adventure! The class is geared toward children going into PreK through Kindergarten who want to learn the joys of self-sufficient cycling while having fun.

Owen's journey to biking independently began years ago when we bought him his first bike, a balance bike, and he started to learn to ride it. Around Christmas time Keith's mom gave him a "real bike" with training wheels to help take him to the next level. He loved getting out to pedal around on it, so we knew he'd be ready to at least attempt riding it without the wheels. Hello, Bike Camp!

The camp takes place on-site and the ratio on instructor to student is 4:1 so that the children get lots of individualized attention and coaching. Owen's class had just three children in it, so he got loads of attention. Each day the students played games on and off their bikes, had snack, did yoga and crafts. The drills and games they did on their bikes were all fun and helped them build the confidence they needed to ride without training wheels. I thought this was such a neat way to help them get some extra time on their bikes! 

I would say that each child in his group was at a different bike riding ability level at the start of camp, but their teacher made sure to accommodate everyone's need individually. All the students started practicing on regular bikes, without pedals, from day one, and I think this was a huge factor in their success.

I tried to arrive a little early to pick Owen up each day so I could observe him while he learned, and I was amazed to see that he was already pedaling without training wheels on the second day of camp! What a thrill it was to see! He was so proud of himself!

We were so pleased with our experience at this camp! It was a great, outdoor, adventuerous camp for Owen, and the HUGE bonus is that he was able on hone in on his bike riding skills and reach a new milestone!

If you are looking for a  camp this summer that encourages your child to get outside, connect with nature, and enjoy an authentic adventure, then I encourage you to check out all of the amazing camps Avid 4 Adventure has to offer!

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