Meet the Sullivans: Luke is 9 Months!

September 15, 2016

Luke is 9 Months!

Little Lukey, you're 9 months old now! I can't believe in a few short months you will be a year old. A YEAR old, and you won't be a baby anymore. Cue the tears! I've got to get started on planning your first birthday party too! 

Stats: You are 29.5" (82%) long and weight 19lbs 8oz (45%). You weight a little less than my estimate! Your head is 18.31" (87%) which is quite large! 

Eating: You are eating three meals a day these days. You will still eat purees if they are in a pouch and you get to feed it to yourself. I have a very hard time getting a spoon to your lips because you just swat it away. You're really into finger foods though! We started with puffs and shredded mozzarella cheese, and now we've moved onto pasta tossed in baby food, small pieces of meat and very ripe or soft fruits and veggies. You're a pretty great eater! 

You still drink breast milk on demand, although not as often as before since you're eating more whole foods these days. You've taken a couple bottled of formula while I've been out, which is really nice, and allows me a little more leeway in terms of being away from you. 

Sleep: Sleep is the worst right now! I don't even want to begin ranting on that because you're up 3-7 times a night, and are up for short periods of time through the night too. You pretty much only let me put you to sleep, although sometimes Daddy can make it happen too. You're taking mostly 2 naps a day. If one of them is really short, which happens when we're out running errands, you will take a 3rd.

Health: You have a cold right now, which has been hard for you, but otherwise you are a healthy, thriving, growing baby boy! You have your first tooth too!! And it is being followed closely by your second tooth.

  • You're fully crawling! You're into everything and you go after the stairs at the first chance you get. You can climb about 4 of them before you give up and want to get down. 
  • You're pulling up on everything and anything, which is fun, but also very dangerous. 
  • You recognize your name, and are beginning to understand the meaning of "no". 
  • You love manipulating toys with your hands and are very curious. 
  • Peek-a-boo is your favorite game!


Likes: You love food, and drinking water! You love bath time with your brother. You really love playing with our Fisher-Price Farm! We joke that it's your "baby job" to remove animals from the farm and keep them out, because if you see me put one in you will crawl across the room to remove it. You like watching the leaves blow in the trees. You LOVE playing peek-a-boo and we love catching you as you play it by yourself, and of course with you! You also really love to play with the Jack-in-the-Box!

Dislikes: Diaper changes, having your nose wiped, not getting to play with Owen's Legos. 

You're a pretty happy baby, so the dislikes list isn't too long! 

Sweet baby boy, you bring our family so much joy! You're definitely attached to mommy these days. If I've been away from you for any amount of time you squeal and then cry upon seeing me. You're becoming less and less of a quiet little participant and are showing your true personality more and more each day, which is SO fun! I love this stage of babyhood, and watching you discover things each day. I'm soaking it all in and trying to enjoy each moment with you! We love you more than words can express!

xoxo, Mommy

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